My Travel Tote Bag for 2018

Last month, I shared my travel backpack for 2018. This time I’m going to show you my travel tote bag for 2018. To be honest, it’s my first time to have a tote bag because I’m a backpack person. Nonetheless, this is what I’ve been using for my day trips. I enjoy using  this Canvas Vintage Handbag.

Here are the Reasons why I like it:

1. The Design

This bag is unique. I haven’t seen any bag in the mall that looks like this. Besides the Gray, it is also available in Brown, Purple, Khaki, and Blue.

In addition, it’s made up of canvas which makes it extremely durable. It can carry a lot of my things: water bottle, umbrella, notebook, and some cosmetics.  Lastly, their zippers are not just part of the design. There are a total of three pockets in the exterior part of the bag.

My Travel Tote Bag for 2018 (1)

2. The Flexibility

If my load is heavy, I use the short handles.

My Travel Tote Bag for 2018 (2)

If my load is light, I use the long strap.

My Travel Tote Bag for 2018 (3)

I love how it suits my style. I can modify it based on the weight of the load, and my outfit!

3. The Interior

I don’t need to use a bag organizer because it has three pockets inside. Two pockets for my passport & some cosmetics, and another pocket with a zipper for my money or my phone.

My Travel Tote Bag for 2018 (4)

4. The Price

From $51.34, it’s now $25.67!

My Travel Tote Bag for 2018 (1)


This product is given to me by but all opinions are my own.

If you want to buy the backpack, you may visit their website or search Bagail in Amazon. They offer travel backpacks, tote bags, shoe bags, laundry bags, and gym bags!