Filipino Travel Vloggers and their music

As I was writing this, my YouTube channel, Travel with Karla, just reached 540 subscribers! Yay! I’m still a newbie in vlogging, and I really need to watch more YouTube Vloggers to learn more about the craft.  I made my channel last February 2017.

One of my struggles in making a YouTube video is choosing a background music. If you have seen my previous videos, I just use random upbeat and happy music (That Positive Feeling – Alumo, Make it Shine – Sophonic, Spring in my Step – Silent Partner).  I want to discover what other Filipino Travel Vloggers use so I interviewed some of them.

In this blog post, I featured six Filipino YouTubers who also started as bloggers and eventually entered the world of vlogging. Check out their stories and follow them in their social media accounts!

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Lyka Mea

Lyka Mea of Lyka Mea

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YouTube Background Music:  Joakim Karud – Waves

I am Lyka Mea, and I’m from Mandaluyong City,  Philippines. I think I’m a pretty straightforward person which is why I think that my own name befits the tools I use to showcase my lifestyle.

I started blogging around April 2014. I started writing about my musings and events that occurred in my life. Later on, I realized that fashion and travel were my true calling.

My blog came first, but I came to realize that vlogging was my ultimate passion. Working in front and behind the camera, as well as the editing process, sparked my fuel to pursue my passions. Nowadays, I usually vlog about my travels, especially since I belong to a constantly wandering family.

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CJ Estrada

CJ Estrada of Four-eyed Laagan

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YouTube Background Music: DJ Quads – Darling and DJ Quads – First

Hey, I am CJ Estrada. I currently live in Cebu City but I was born in Iligan City. My blog is called Four-eyed Laagan (traveler in bisaya) and my YouTube channel’s name is CJ Estrada.

My blog is my book of exciting stories, tips, and itineraries of my adventures, which is my niche. I also have a section where I have my reflections from my travels with a hashtag #SnapAndPonder. I started blogging in March 2016. That’s when I realized that I have the power to document, influence and share my adventure experiences. I want people and readers can get something and feel into what I experience during my trip that they can apply when they head into one.

My blog came first then my YouTube channel. I was introduced to vlog with my friends in the blogging community. I also had fun watching the vlogs of Wil Dasovich and Daniel Marsh, as well as Casey Neistat and the intelligently crafted Nas Daily. Most of my vlogs are from my adventures, food trips and some blogging events.

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Gian Carlo Jubela and Sheilamei Abellanoza

Gian Carlo Jubela and Sheilamei Abellanoza of Adrenaline Romance

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YouTube Background Music: Across the Room by Letterbox, How it Began by Silent Partner, Wheels by Audionautics

We are Gian Carlo Jubela and Sheilamei Abellanoza. We are from the beautiful tropical paradise of Cebu, Philippines. We own the adventure blog Adrenaline Romance. Our YouTube channel takes after the name of our blog.

Adrenaline Romance is a photo-rich blog that documents our amazing travels and exciting adventures around the Philippines. Adrenaline Romance is not a generic travel blog that simply presents stories, photos, and opinions of one’s trips. We do that, of course, and we feature the Philippines’ most beautiful and unique destinations in full color photos. But we also add itineraries, schedules, estimated budgets, and other useful tips that could help readers who wish to visit these destinations plan their own trips.

In addition, as extreme adventure enthusiasts, we also showcase and actually take part of exhilarating outdoor adventure sports that are offered all around the Philippines. In fact, we consider Adrenaline Romance more of an adventure blog than a pure travel blog.

We started blogging in November 2012. Our blog went online first before our YouTube channel. In fact, our YouTube channel went online in 2014—two years after our blog was published. We decided to make a YouTube channel to augment our blog. Often, in-action videos are more immersive than either text or photos. Also, it’s quite difficult to clearly describe the action in text or photos. In this case, Videos can show the action better.

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Dianne Karol Palma

Dianne Karol Palma of Sun-kissed Wanderer

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YouTube Background Music: Into The Clouds by Nicolai Heidlas

I’m Dianne and I’m living in Quezon City, Philippines. Both my blog and YouTube Channel are called “Sun-kissed Wanderer” but, I honestly haven’t established well that name yet. My readers mostly know my blog and channel by my first name, Dianne Karol. It sounds nice, at least for me, so I don’t really bother.

I started blogging at the age of 15, back when I was still in high school. I tried switching to different blog niches over the years but I always find myself going back to the authenticity of personal blogs. I like reading other people’s personal stories as much as I like sharing my own. I write almost all topics based on my own experiences including my travels, fitness journey, a day in a life, and more. My usual writing is more on the story-telling side. This is my way to make my readers feel as if I’m talking to them directly, to create a close connection to them and of course, to make my blog as personal as it can be.

I’ve been blogging for roughly 10 years now and I only started vlogging two months ago. There were two different deciding factors on why I created a blog and a YouTube channel. I decided to make my own blog back when I was curious and eager to learn web designing. I wasn’t that focus with my content yet. In fact, my posts were written in Taglish with fancy emoticons and in full text, no images included. Some were even password protected. The reason why I stayed in the blogosphere this long is another story. As I grew older, I learned that there are far more wonderful reasons to love blogging than just learning how to put up a nice WordPress theme.

I ventured into vlogging because of the influence of my favorite YouTubers. For the past few months, I found myself binge-watching YouTube videos from different content creators. I was amazed at how their confidence increased over time and how their lives impact other people, including mine. At the back of my head, I wanted to influence other people too while keeping memories through my videos. It wasn’t easy. Putting yourself out there means being vulnerable by the public’s opinions. But I’ll never know unless I try, right? So I eventually did. I’m loving everything so far and I still feel kilig every time I hear my friends and family say that they like my videos. I still have a long way to go, but as long as I’m enjoying, then there’s no reason to not keep going.

My vlogs are mostly about my day to day activities. I’m waiting while I can get to travel this year so I can vlog my travel experiences as well. I still have a lot of ideas in mind, that of course, they’ll have to watch out for.

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Janelle of The Wild Flower

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YouTube Background Music: music of Kevin Macleod

Hi I’m Janelle and I’m from Malabon, PH. I blog at The Wild Flower and I vlog at Hey Jhanzey.

I run a personal blog that features my travel and food adventures. I mostly share my personal experiences on the blog as I like to stay true to the reasons why I first started a site — to document and somehow share my journey and learning to those who are interested.

I first started my blog. I’ve been around for a while now but never really focused on making the blog grow because of many reasons, including but not exclusive to the following: studying, adulting, and then working full time. I decided to create a Youtube channel because I’ve always wanted to tinker around video editing but never really had the chance. The channel is pretty much a dump of my travel clips, and a practice for video editing. I’d love to explore more content in the future, though, and hopefully learn better at video production and content creation.


It’s my third time to feature some bloggers. When I was in Korea I wrote about Filipino Bloggers in Korea. Many of them said that they gained more readers so I decided to make a part 2 to promote more bloggers.

I’m planning to feature more bloggers every month. I believe that there are lots of creatives out there who are good in creating contents. If you are one of them, I’d like to work with you. If you want to be featured, feel free to send me an email at [email protected]travel-with-karla-accommodation-review-3

Can you recommend some interesting YouTube Background music?

Write them in the comments below!


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