Korean Folk Village

Entering the gate of Korean Folk Village is like going to a time machine. It made me feel that I was in a different world where the historical Korean dramas were filmed.

It’s not my first time to see some folk villages. I’ve been to Bukchon Hanok Village, Namsangol Hanok Village, and Bucheon Hanok Village (don’t go here, go to Aiins World instead). I can say that you can forget all of these and go to Korean Folk Village.

Interactive Exhibits

One of the reasons, why I love Korean Folk Village (KFV) is because I enjoy trying out new things. Unlike museums, the things inside the KFV are interactive. The things there really made me experience the ancient lifestyle.

Traditional Performances

Another reason why I enjoyed there is because of the performances. I was able to witness two out of four performances. They have Farmer’s Music & Dance, Equestrian Feats, Fusion B-boy Dance, and Traditional Wedding Ceremony.

Korean Folk Village-27.jpg
Farmer’s Music and Dance
Korean Folk Village-35.jpg
Traditional Wedding Ceremony

Historical Dramas

I got excited when I saw the standees all over the place! Dae Jang Geum (Jewel in the Palace) was the first historical drama I’ve seen. I just realized that I saw it a decade ago! They also have standees for other dramas like Sungkyunkwan scandal, and Arang and the Magistrate drama. There are more standees there for photo ops!

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Joseon Characters

I’ve seen many people wearing hanbok roaming around the hanok villages and palaces in Seoul. Some visitors here are also wearing hanbok but the village’s staff are all wearing hanbok. They even have some Joseon characters who looks as if they rose from the Joseon dynasty. You can notice them because they randomly make a scene and act as if they are in the old times.


I’m a sucker for museums. Last Chuseok, I went to War Memorial of Korea, National Museum of Korea, and National Hangeul Museum. I was surprised that this village offers free admission to three museums/exhibition halls inside. They have Korean Folk Museum, World Folk Museum, Pottery Exhibition Hall, and Mask Dance Exhibition Hall.

Korean Folk Village-31.jpg


They have several workshops offered there. They have life & culture experience which includes horse back riding, ferry boat riding, and archery. Moreover, they also have 12 craft workshop experience. It includes bamboo ware workshop, wooden craft experience, hand fan workshop, brass ware workshop, traditional mask workshop, pottery workshop, and many more. Most of them needs extra payment.

I got a free portrait in exchange of food!
Korean Folk Village-14.jpg
Songpyeon Making

Play Village

I decided not to pay extra for the Play Village admission. I honestly think that this part of the Korean Folk Village is misplaced. They have around 13 rides in the play village like bumper car, Ferris wheel, vikings, and carousel. Kids might enjoy this part but I went here for nature and culture experience. I skipped the rides part, and went to the World Folk Museum.



The place as a whole is perfect for photo shoots. If you have a hanbok, the pictures would look even better. Bring extra battery or a power bank to capture these awesome moments.

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  • Go there early! I arrived there at lunch time. I felt that I didn’t have enough time even if I stayed there until 5:30 pm.
  • If you wanna try the horse riding, boat riding, or archery, make sure to go there before 5pm.
  • If you wanna watch the performances, go there 15 mins before the schedule so you can have a seat.


  • Check the schedule of the KFV shuttle if you are coming from Suwon Station.
  • It’s better to ride the bus from Gangnam Station than Jonggak Station. Click this to see the transportation options.
  • If you want to skip the Play Village, you don’t have to pay 24,000 won. The admission fee is only 15,000 won.


  1. Wow, I’ve never heard of Korean folk village but it looks so cute. I’ve visited Bukcheon hanok village and Jeonju but this looks a lot more rustic. I would love to learn how to make songpyeon because it’s one of my favourite Korean sweets. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I’ve yet to visit this place but lately so many bloggers have been posting about it that my interest is definitely piqued! What was your favorite part, if you had to choose?

  3. Looks like a great experience! I recently went to a museum here in Daegu, and I have to say it was quite fascinating. Seeing the history of Korea is great. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I love that Korea puts so much effort into preserving the past, even though its directed towards gimmicky things but to be able to learn how to cook and all those museums makes it such a comprehensive learning experience! You look so cute in your little poses! I’m so bad add doing posed shots hahaa

  5. My friend is visiting Korea in a few months, so I’m definitely going to visit KFV with her. I love interactive places like this and my favorite K-dramas are historical pieces, so I’m excited to see everything.

  6. I enjoy those types of places so much, they make me feel like I’m walking around old world Korea, full of Joseon dynasty people in their fancy dresses. Those days must have been so interesting, from outfits, to food, to laws and every day life. Glad to see you enjoy these types of places too and are not too shy to take pictures doing it.

  7. Very cool post! I haven’t been to KVF, but it definitely seems more my style. I love that it is more interactive and has actual activities you can participate in and some performances too! Much much more interesting for attendees! Thanks also for posting the performance schedule – very handy! Cheers!

  8. I love all those traditional dance performances…especially the Farmer’s Dance, though I caught some Korean breakdancing and was pretty amazed. It’s amazing what they can do with their bodies. Great tips for visiting! 🙂

  9. Great tips for everyone. I’ve only ever been to a folk village here when I was taken by a company during our training period but never just decided to go. I think I should definitely try to go again sometime. ^^

  10. This place is so fun! We went a few years ago during the fall and had an action packed day! It looks like you had a great time! That same girl made drawings of our faces too!!!!!

  11. Oh man, I went er back in 2013, my first summer in Korea. I hadn’t watched any Korean dramas at that point so I had no idea who all those cardboard cutouts were. Sunkyunkwan Scandal was excellent though. Looks like you had a fun time!

  12. I love this place and got great photos from here. Also got to witness the horse show which we, adults and kids, enjoyed very much. But while we were watching the traditional wedding ceremony, some Chinese tourists didn’t know how to respect the show and the other audience. Two older ones had to go nearer the actors and take selfies with them while the ceremony was ongoing. arrrgggghhhhh.

    With children in tow, my friends and I spent a good time at the Play area. You’re right. It is misplaced hahaha.

  13. One of my favorite places in Korea especially in autumn ~ I actually prefer Korea Folk Village to Namiseom. When my sister’s family came to visit us last April, I took them here. The kids enjoyed the horse show ~

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