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Last Chuseok, I made a three-day itinerary for a holiday. A day for Korean Folk Village, one day for a theme park, and a day for museums. War Memorial Museum is one of the famous museums in Korea. I’ve read a lot of positive reviews about it. I must say that it didn’t fail my expectations.

I arrived there around 11 am. An hour late for the scheduled guided tour. But since I really want to learn about their war history, I went to the information booth to get a museum map, and to inquire about the guided tour. I’ve seen many foreigners around but no one is having a guided tour. After inquiring, they asked me if I have people with me who wants to avail the guided tour. I was alone yet they gave me a tour guide! It seemed that they have enough staff to accommodate my request.

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She served as my tour guide in the Korean War course.

The War memorial is broken up into seven themes: Memorial Hall, War History, Korean War, Exhibit Hall for donated relics, Expeditionary Forces, Republic of Korea Armed Forces, and Defense Industries. The museum shows different types of exhibits from models, replicas, mock ups, to real objects.

As a Filipino tourist, I was surprised to see some stuff from the Philippine soldiers. I didn’t know that Philippines is the first Asian country who sent units to help South Korea.

I really learned a lot about the war history in my short trip in the museum. Besides the learning experience, I was able to wear a Korean military uniform! Check out the name, it says there Yoo Si Jin, the famous soldier in Descendants of the Sun.

Shall I recommend this museum?

Definitely! If you want to learn more about the Korean war, you should add this in your itinerary. Oh I almost forgot to mention, the admission is free!

Transportation & Schedule

  • Take Subway Line 4 or Line 6 to Samgakji Station (Exit 1 or 12).
    Continue 200 meters to reach the museum on the left.
  • It’s open everyday (except Monday) from 9am to 6pm but you can only enter the museum until 5pm.
  • Guided tours in English are available at 10:00 and 14:00.

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  1. Thanks for your posts. I am currenty visiting Seoul and they were useful.

    1. I’m glad that you find it useful. Your comment made my day. Enjoy Seoul!

  2. yey! I had a great time in korea’s war memorial. glad that you wrote about it.

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  8. This is a very unique post I’ve seen from Korean Travel Diaries of some bloggers, This is so interesting and you can learn something from it. Korea is in travel destination list and thanks for sharing this travel diary. I might visit here ^^


    1. You’re welcome! 😊 You may also visit National Museum of Korea & National Hangeul Museum after going here. I’ll make a post about them soon. Happy travels! 😍

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