Namsangol Hanok Village

Namsangol Hanok Village

Upon entering the village, you’ll see a dozen of standees wearing traditional Korean costumes. As a solo traveler, I wasn’t able to take my photo there. Can you imagine someone with a monopod trying to take her photo in a standee? I can’t. I don’t want to look like that. HAHAHA!
After that, I’ve seen something like a nipa hut with all those traditional stuff. If I have someone with me, I could have tried wearing some of them. The things there aren’t just for display. The visitors can use it freely. Look at those green leaves! I think summer is a good time to visit. Being Asian, I can survive more in hot weather than in cold. The first time I went to Bukchon Hanok Village was winter. My fingers were really freezing. I had to go indoors after few hours of walking.
The pond near the entrance is relaxing. It’s perfect for a quiet time. During winter, the ponds I saw in Changgyeonggung Palace, and Changdeokgung Palace were frozen. Now, I’m thinking of going back there to appreciate more the beauty of the place. However, I think it’s best to go back there on Autumn when the leaves are colorful.
It’s not my first time to see this kind of pavilion. You can see this design at the palaces or at the parks. It’s amazing how detailed the designs are. You can really see that they put a lot of effort in painting this vibrant pavilion. You’ll see a lot of this at Gyeongbukgung Palace.
These jars caught my attention. I haven’t seen so many jars in one place. There are also jars in Bukchon Hanok Village but I think there are more here in Namsangol. These jars are used as containers of preserved kimchi.
I even took a selfie there. Yes, it’s a selfie using a monopod. It’s a weekday when I went there. There are few people around. I didn’t have a chance to ask someone to take my photo.
Besides the traditional stuff, you can also see the “Seoul Millennium Time Capsule” there.  It would be officially opened on 2034! Right, that’s 18 years from now. I hope I can show this picture to my children telling them that I’ve been here.

Things to do in Namsangol Hanok Village

1. Play traditional games (neolttwigi, tuho, and yutnori).
2. Shop for traditional items
3. Have a photoshoot wearing a hanbok
4. Watch a traditional wedding
5. Make a mini Jangseung (Korean totem pole)
6. Make a mini Sotdae (wooden birds on top of a pole)
7. Make a Mokpyeon (wooden chip)
8. Make a Straw-craft
9. Visit the 5 traditional Korean houses
10. Visit the Seoul Millennium Time Capsule

How to go there

Take the Seoul Subway Line 4 and get off at Chungmuro exit 4.
Just walk and follow the signs going to Namsangol Hanok Village. It’s very near to the subway station.

Admission is free!

PS. I’ll make a post comparing Bukchon Hanok Village and Namsangol Hanok Village.

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