Autumn in Korea

Q: When is the best time to visit Korea?

A: Whenever people ask me this question, I always answer Autumn.

Q: When is Autumn in Korea?

A: Autumn starts around mid-late September to mid November.


So when’s the best time to visit Korea? Let me describe it in pictures:


The leaves are still green. The flowers are in bloom.

1st – 2nd week of October

The green leaves are starting to change their colors.


3rd-4th week of October

The trees are in different colors.

1st week of November

The leaves start to fall.



2nd week of November

Some trees are still vibrant but the others are now withered.


Pyeonghwa Park


Pyeonghwa Park

When do you plan to visit Korea? 

Do you know other “must visit” places in Seoul during Autumn? Write your thoughts on the comment box. 🙂