Autumn in Korea

Q: When is the best time to visit Korea?

A: Whenever people ask me this question, I always answer Autumn.

Q: When is Autumn in Korea?

A: Autumn starts around mid-late September to mid November.


So when’s the best time to visit Korea? Let me describe it in pictures:


The leaves are still green. The flowers are in bloom.

Korean Folk Village

1st – 2nd week of October

The green leaves are starting to change their colors.

Seoul Olympic Park

3rd-4th week of October

The trees are in different colors.

Nami Island.jpg
Nami Island
Garden of the Morning Calm
Mt. Gwanaksan

1st week of November

The leaves start to fall.


2nd week of November

Some trees are still vibrant but the others are now withered.

Pyeonghwa Park
Pyeonghwa Park

When do you plan to visit Korea?

Do you know other “must visit” places in Seoul during Autumn? Write your thoughts on the comment box. 🙂


  1. Hi Karla! Love this post! we’re visiting Seoul around Nov 20 this year, would you know what the trees would look like at that time? 🙂 we were kind of hoping to see autumn colors but so far all the blogs I’ve read indicate that this is too late already.

  2. We will be visiting Seoul for 3 weeks in June 2019. Lots of changes after 26 years since the last time we were there. During the summer \Olympics 1988 – 1991. Loved every minute of it!

  3. Hi your blog is amazing and makes easier to plan my itinerary just looking at all the pictures..thank you

  4. hi I really enjoy reading ur post…and I plan to go in korea by november…what attire should I wear?….from top till down….?…tnx

  5. Hi Karla! My hub and I are finally booked to go to S.Kor this October! I’m looking at Mt. Seoraksan to include in our itinerary. Any feedback?

      1. Hello we are going to so kor last week of october what would be the best clothes to wear? Thankyou

  6. I agree, photographing in Korea, one really has to devote every weekend from September to December. Otherwise, it’s changing so rapidly and we’re bound to miss a great opportunity of reddish leaves or fallen ones. I especially love your last image of all the fallen leaves on the ground.

  7. I love your presentation of the Autumn weeks. We can see the transition week to week and it’s easier for those who want to travel here which wrek they would love to be in. Your photo presentation is a helpful post.

  8. I couldn’t agree more! Spring is a very close second, but Autumn is spectacular. Most seasons in Korea are very nice, but something about the dramatic color change makes it all so lovely.

  9. Lovely!!!! You know, being from Chicago I never quite understood the fall hype. We usually get a very short-lived fall and it’s super cold, so I never got the fuss. But being in Korea has been a game changer! I. Get. It. Now. So much that my favorite season has shifted to autumn because summer in Daegu was truly unbearable.

  10. I love autumn in Korea too! The season change is something really fascinating and new to me, and I’m in awe of it! I don’t enjoy the cold that follows so soon after though!

  11. In my 13 years in Korea, autumn lasted a bit longer last year and this year. It used to be that leaves have already fallen in the first week of November. I’m enjoying the longish fall season though ~

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