Sofitel Singapore Sentosa Resort and Spa

The happy faces of my family. The picture was taken outside the villa of Sofitel Singapore Sentosa Resort and Spa!

Find out how we enjoyed the pampering services and luxurious staycation of Sofitel Singapore Sentosa Resort and Spa. To give you glimpses of their best services, let me share my family experience for 3 days and 2 nights last November 20-22.

Sofitel Singapore Sentosa Resort and Spa

Sofitel Singapore Sentosa Resort and Spa is one of the top picks of my husband. Among all resorts, he chose Sofitel as a surprise birthday gift for me last 2022 because, on top of comfort, he knew my love and passion for nature. Actually, he considered this as a paradise-like resort. Truly, our staycation here was a wish granted. It was worth more than a penny. As a matter of fact, they exceeded more than our expectations. We will definitely be back here.

The view of Sofitel Singapore Sentosa Resort and Spa at night

The lights, ponds, and fountains add to the serenity and tranquility of the place.

Vision Mission Goal of Sofitel Singapore Sentosa Resort and Spa

The vision and mission goal of Sofitel Singapore is to provide a one-of-a-kind, eco-friendly luxurious hotel experience, living the French way among its guests.

Sofitel Singapore Sentosa Resort and Spa Lobby Lounge

The Sofitel Singapore lobby lounge gave us the home away from home feel and grounding sense.

The beautiful lobby of Sofitel Singapore Sentosa Resort and Spa!

Whereas the orchids’ design all over the place such as in the ceiling, floors, tables, and reception area helped to set our mood in a more relaxing and stress-free way. I love flowers, especially orchids. In fact, I used to take care of these plants at home. I also adored the way it was featured in “Little Women”.

My husband and I enjoyed our stay in the lobby. We took more photos here.

My husband and I were fond of the unique interior design of the lobby. It features the prominent type of rare giant orchids everywhere. Remarkably, the lobby’s aroma combined the floral and natural scents of fresh air, authentic flora, and the smell of the open garden view.

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The Rooms inside Sofitel Singapore Sentosa Resort and Spa

All in all, their accommodation was cozy, clean, elegant, and luxurious.

We enjoyed the comfort of our room accommodation.

Our mini sanctuary was a soundproof 36 sqm. room, spacious enough for a family of 3. It was a luxury garden room with 1 king-size bed. The minimalistic style and the nature-inspired theme of the interior suited our type. The overall ambiance gave us the unique experience of a calm and relaxing staycation. Not to mention the exclusivity of the location and the comfort features of the room that gave us a different level of coziness and therapeutic encounter.

By comparison, only Sofitel has a unique built-in Nespresso coffee & TWG tea nook inside the room, even more reason to enjoy the coffee and tea experience with the family. Surely, coffee and tea lovers will enjoy their room stay.

We were also provided with the following added perks: Mini Bar, Kettle, Unlimited supply of Mineral Water, Hair dryer and telephone in the bathroom, Flexible and fixed showerhead, Make-up/magnifying and full-length mirror, Bathrobe, High-speeded internet, Satellite/cable color TV with Children’s TV Channels and Dedicated Sports Channel, Ironing board and flat-iron, Slippers, Umbrella, Laundry bag, Hair dryer, Blackout Facilities, Accessibility And Security, Safe deposit box in room, Keycard-operated door locks, Audible smoke alarms in rooms, Emergency information, Security Peephole, Sprinkler, Self-closing rooms, Working Area, Business Desk, Electric Facilities, 220/240 V AC, Room Services, Operator wake-up call, Pillow Menu, and Temperature Air Control.

I love this garden view. It’s very mood uplifting.

The garden view was impressively splendid! We were full of bamboo and palm trees, Eugenia and other plants, a fountain, a pond, and coy fishes. My 3-year-old daughter loved running and playing hide and seek in the garden.

We also enjoyed the swing, the sightseeing, and the family strolling, all around the place. I can say that this staycation served as a breather for our family. Also, a quick family escape after a stressful event, busy, noisy, and fully booked day-to-day engagement.

Likely, our little darling was amazed by these giant chess pieces. We’ve been always a fan of chess, so we can’t help but play it. This was a great opportunity for us to introduce this game board to our child. Nonetheless, not all resorts have this giant toy. That was a thrilling moment for our little family. We love it!

Other Rooms:

Photo credit: Sofitel Singapore Sentosa Resort Wellness and Spa

LUXURY FAMILY ROOM, 1 King Bed, and 1 Twin Bed.

Photo credit: Sofitel Singapore Sentosa Resort Wellness and Spa

JUNIOR SUITE, Open-concept suite with 1 King Size Bed.

Photo credit: Sofitel Singapore Sentosa Resort Wellness and Spa

PRESTIGE SUITE, Separate Bedroom with 1 King Size Bed and a Living Area.

Photo credit: Sofitel Singapore Sentosa Resort Wellness and Spa

IMPERIAL SUITE, Separate Grand Bedroom with 1 King Size Bed, a Dining room, and an Open Living Room.

Photo credit: Sofitel Singapore Sentosa Resort Wellness and Spa

VILLA DU JARDIN, 2 Bedrooms, with Separate Living Area, Personal Pool, and Open Deck (private sanctuary).

Photo credit: Sofitel Singapore Sentosa Resort Wellness and Spa
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AMENITIES of Sofitel Singapore Sentosa Resort and Spa

1. Spa and Wellness (including Sofitel Fitness Indoor Gym)

The spa and wellness of Sofitel Singapore can provide a revitalizing and rejuvenating treatment. They offer a holistic approach here. Also, there will be an expert therapist and aestheticians to ensure an intensive mind and soul-pampering experience for the guest. They call it an “Escape to Sofitel SPA”.

2. Swimming Pool

The swimming pool was big. The size was like an Olympic pool, huge enough for many guests. It was designed for all ages, including kids. However, the kids can only swim at the edge of the big pool with adult supervision. A good thing to know, there was a lifeguard station and a free life vest for the kids. During swimming time, we tend to enjoy the water sports such as basketball, volleyball, and floaters. We also had fun playing table football and table tennis. But the surprising part was, they also have a clean bath towel near the pool area, sunscreen, and a refreshments station, free access for all guests.

3. The Fish Spa (Garra Rufa)

The whole family enjoyed the fish spa experience. Our toddler was delighted by her tickling encounter with the tiny fishes. She liked it best when the Garra Rufa slowly nibbled her feet every time she soaked her feet in the water. So far, this was part of Sofitel’s unlimited therapeutic treats and extra-mile wellness services. We cannot find this free and with unlimited access in any other resorts or hotels. According to Google, those tiny fishes are called Garra Rufa. The fishes will eat away all the dead skin on our feet, leaving newer and smoother skin.

4. Free Access to Tanjong Beach

In general, Tanjong beach was comparable to Boracay. We get to enjoy the calmness of the afternoon and the relaxing sensation of the sand. The combined coarse, gritty, smooth, and soft feel of the sand was very appealing to our senses. We tend to enjoy the view of the beautiful sunset and the stillness of the water coupled with the relaxing sound of the waves. Our 3-year-old daughter enjoyed her sandcastles building with the kids. Then the other guests were either busy playing beach volleyball or capturing the majestic view of the beach.

5. Trekking activity

It was one of the toddler-friendly adventures that we did in Sofitel. Here, where my 3-year-old daughter learned about plants and trees and at the same time enjoyed bird exposure along the trail. Having said that, it was an exciting and breathtaking experience for her and a fulfilling moment with our family. So far, it was a 5-minute awareness walk from the resort to Tanjong beach. Whereas PWD and Senior guests, need to travel via a shuttle bus provided by the Hotel to enjoy the beach.

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Gastronomic Experience at Sofitel Singapore Sentosa Resort and Spa

Surprisingly, the food service and taste vary depending on where to eat. We tried both the Kween Zeen and The Cliff. So far, we were satisfied with our 2 days buffet breakfast at the Kween Zeen. The food arrangement was good for a complete meal. Whereas the taste of the food was neither flavorful nor bland for healthy food options and original cuisines of Pan-Asia, Western, and French. We also appreciated the breakfast schedule because of enough leeway to choose between 7 am and 10:30 am.

Photo credit: Sofitel Singapore Sentosa Resort Wellness and Spa

For the most part, our toddler enjoyed her chicken noodle soup, cereals, croissants, sausages, cheese, and a serving of pancakes with syrup butter, and jams. While we, adults enjoyed yogurts, milk servings, fresh juices, coffee, chicken, dim sums, bread, salads, and fruits.

We had the best fine dining experience at The Cliff for my birthday celebration. Since it was my special night, they served a free slice of cheesecake as a gift, which was so sweet! Also, what we liked best here was, they also served free artwork materials for our daughter to keep her busy while waiting for the food.

By comparison, only the Cliff served the best-tasting truffle cheese pizza, homemade Bolognese, Mafalda pasta, and premium wagyu beef, partnered best with red and sparkling wine. For one thing, given the relaxing and cozy hotel ambiance, that night was a nice and delightful experience for our family. As proof, our daughter fell asleep after dinner.

Part of their outdoor restaurant services was the Al Fresco fine dining (Gastronomy) and Le Bar. They served high tea, different liquors, and beverages at the bar. We were not able to explore these two options and take the evening pictures with the guests because of our toddler. However, upon watching them, we can attest that they were delighted by the perks and beauty of the place. They enjoyed the outdoor experience coupled with the gentle breeze and the relaxing feel of the evening classical music.

Eco-friendly paper bottled water!

This was the first time we encountered a resort to serve paper bottled water. Our advocacy fits this resort. We love it!

The fur baby is checking in at the pet-friendly resort! Check it out!

We also loved seeing the happy faces of the fur parents being with their fur babies during the staycation. We felt them.

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Customer Service at Sofitel Singapore Sentosa Resort and Spa

All the staff were very friendly, especially to the kids. Let me share with you our family experience. First, at the Lobby, the two staff politely assisted us with our baggage, about the fun pass and island map. Next, at the reception area where the receptionists were very welcoming in their greetings and gestures. They served welcoming drinks., then properly sent us to our villa.

Needless to say, we were impressed by the service of waiters, attendants, chefs, usherettes, and housekeepers. To our surprise, the one in the picture is our flat tenant. She works there as a part-timer. She has a good background and personality. Happy to know that Sofitel’s hiring process is good.

In fact, as part of their senior and baby-friendly services, some meals and drinks were served at the table, one way also to save the guests from the long wait and queues. Also, the pool attendant can serve refreshments in the pool area. The waiters can serve our food in the villa.

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Sofitel is good for nature lovers and guests who are looking for a breather. Also, to those who need rest from the usual busy life. The stay itself in the resort is enjoyable and relaxing. This is also recommended for those who are looking for a great place to celebrate their special occasion like Valentine’s Day.

To ensure an enjoyable experience, the guests may check the Fun Pass and the island Map for other outside hotel activities, which can be found in the hotel lobby. It is a compass of transportation and other beach and island activities to enjoy along Sentosa and Vivo City.

Best Deals:

We booked our hotel accommodation using the Klook app. We paid 1003.00 sgd for our 3 days 2 night’s stay.

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Guests arriving at the hotel by train (MRT) should take the northeast (purple) line and alight at Harbourfront MRT Station. Upon exit at the ticket gantry, they may proceed to Harbourfront Exit D where the complimentary shuttle service ferries will take them to the Resort. The interval of schedules is every half of an hour. Click here for the shuttle service schedule.

Other guests may reach the resort via private vehicles such as taxis, grab, and limousine services. Hence, complementary parking is available onsite at the Resort, subject to availability. For complimentary island admission. More updates can be found here.

Location Map

Address: 2 Bukit Manis Road, Sentosa

Zipcode: 099891 SINGAPORE

GPS:1.24517, 103.827905

Telephone Number: +65 6708 8310

Email Address: [email protected]

About The Author:

Miles Landicho is a multi-preneur mom, wife, and soul traveler who loves to reflect and write about anything related to life. She is also a seasoned company & ministry counselor and a passionate HR professional. Her advocacies focus on the meaningful journey of families beyond their comfort zones, nature stewardship, and the importance of mental health in our lives. To know more about her and the services she offers, visit her website: Miles Diaries.


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