Singapore Coach Bus Experience

Are you planning a family getaway to Genting Highlands, Malaysia soon? If so, why not try Singapore Coach Bus Experience for transportation? The interior of a Transtar Coach Bus boasts luxurious features comparable to those found in business-class airplanes.

In this article, let me share with you 12 cozy and comfortable amenities you can enjoy while in transit on a long trip with your family.

Singapore Coach Bus Experience

12 Cozy and Comfortable Amenities to Enjoy in Singapore Coach Bus

1. Comfortable Seating Experience in Singapore Coach Bus

The plush, reclining seats of a Transtar Singapore Coach Bus provide ample legroom for a comfortable ride. Designed to reduce fatigue and provide support during long trips, these seats guarantee a relaxing journey.

2. Overhead Storage

Above each seat is an overhead storage compartment where you can store small bags, purses, or other personal items. This feature provides easy access to your belongings during the trip, similar to the overhead cabin of an airplane.

3. Air conditioning and heating

Transtar Singapore Coach Buses typically have air conditioning and heating systems to keep the interior temperature comfortable, no matter the weather outside. This is especially important for the weather difference from Singapore to Genting Highlands Malaysia, where it is significantly cooler in Genting Highlands compared to the hot weather of Singapore.

4. Reading Lights

Individual reading lights are installed above each seat of Singapore coach buses to allow passengers to read during the journey. This feature is especially useful if you’re traveling during nighttime hours, similar to the feature of an airplane.

5. Power Outlets

Transtar Singapore Coach Buses have power outlets at each seat located near the cup holder, allowing passengers to charge their devices. This feature is essential for anyone who needs to keep their phone, laptop, or other electronic devices charged during the trip, eliminating the need for a power bank.

6. Entertainment Systems

Singapore Coach Bus Experience

Transtar Singapore Coach Buses have its own entertainment systems, including televisions, video screens, eBooks with audio, wellness webinars, movies, and music to keep passengers entertained. This feature is especially useful for long trips with children, seniors, families, or groups. Although there is no built-in WIFI for their out-of-the-country trip.

7. Snack and Beverage Service: Singapore Coach Bus Experience

Transtar Singapore Coach Bus offers complete meals, snacks, and unlimited beverages such as bottled water, coffee, and tea as complimentary treats during the trip. This feature is especially convenient if you forget to pack snacks or if you do not want to join the stop-overs at a rest area during the trip.

8. Curtains or Shades

Transtar Singapore Coach Buses have curtains or shades to provide privacy or block out sunlight during the trip. This feature is especially useful if you’re traveling during daytime hours and want to take a nap or if you want to reduce glare on your electronic devices.

9. Friendly and Approachable Coach Bus Attendants

Transtar Singapore Coach Bus has a friendly and approachable team of two drivers who take turns during a long trip, two bus attendants who take care of the passenger’s food and immediate needs, and one tour guide who gives briefing and orientation along the trip. All the attendants are trained to assist passengers with their luggage and immigration concerns. Two of them were standing beside the bus door while waiting for the passengers after their transaction from immigration.

10. Huge Outside Compartment

The red coach bus has a huge outside compartment that can accommodate small and big luggage for an out-of-country family trip. The compartment door is located under the word Transtar Travel.

11. Clean, Cozy, and Spacious

Singapore Coach Bus Experience

The bus is big enough for 20-seater passengers. It is clean and cozy, with enough space for passengers to sit, lean, and lie down during the whole trip. They can even eat and sleep comfortably without feeling exhausted from a long drive.

12. Massage Feature

Aside from comfortable seating, the coach can also massage the passenger during the whole trip. The massage feature can be adjusted depending on the passenger’s preference, whether it is a gentle or fast massage, and can include the back alone or the buttocks, back, and head.

Where to Book: Singapore Coach Bus Experience

We highly recommend using for fast, easy, and convenient booking. Based on our experience, they are a reliable company and currently the top choice among passengers and businesses in the bus industry in Singapore. They have also received numerous awards, including the Top Agency Honor Award by Genting Highlands Resort World Berhad, Outstanding Agent Award, and Arwana Hotels & Resorts Top Singapore Operator. As of March 2, 2023, the cost of our booking was SGD 68 per adult head and SGD 63 for our toddler (one way only). For detailed information regarding locations and rates, please visit their website


In conclusion, if you’re considering a Singapore Coach Bus for your next trip, expect to find several convenient features and amenities inside. These features are designed to provide comfort, convenience, and entertainment during your journey. Transtar Coach Buses, in particular, offer plush, reclining seats, overhead storage compartments, air conditioning, and heating systems, individual reading lights, power outlets, entertainment systems, complimentary meals and beverages, curtains or shades, a friendly and approachable team of attendants, ample luggage space, and massage features. These amenities ensure you can have a relaxing and enjoyable trip with your family, making your journey as memorable as your destination.

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  1. Ang convenient and hassle-free naman mag travel with this Singapore Coach Bus. Dahil sa ameneties na meron sila ay talagang magiging comfortable ang byahe.

  2. would love to try this if we go to Singapore and head over to Genting Highlands. I actually thought of doing this before but my sons were younger then. i didn”t think they will appreciate the land travel. but this is comfortable so it’s on the list.

  3. Sa daming amenities ng coach bus na ito , hndi ka tlgaa maiinip kahit ang haba ng byahe mo 😍 ganda ng bus nila perfect pra ka ng nka airplane 😁

  4. Ang ganda naman ng kanilang bus
    Nakakaenjoy naman dito sumakay at magiging comfortable pa Tayo SA trip ❤️

  5. Wow. Ang Insane naman sa Gnda ng Bus Nila jan Sa Singapore. Yung totoo isa din talaga sa List ko na makapunta jan or Even Mkapag Trabaho Jan. Dahil sobrang ganda rin talaga ng Place. At dami mong maEexperience na Bago tulad nitong NakakaAmaze na Bus 🥰🥰

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