Michael Oyco of Michael’s Hut

It’s been a while since I featured a blogger! In this post, you’ll know more about Michael Oyco of Michael’s Hut. He’s one of the well-known lifestyle bloggers in the Philippines. Let’s learn more about him!

Michael Oyco of Michael's Hut

1. Are you a full-time blogger? If not, what do you do besides blogging?

I really can’t say that I am a full-time blogger but I want to make it happen someday. Aside from blogging, I also do crypto and play some blockchain games like Axie & Dragonary. I do some errands and other stuff on the side to complete my schedule but the rest are just too little to mention. So currently, these two take up most of my time.

2. What do you write about?

Being a lifestyle blogger, I don’t want to limit my writing to a single category since it’s like an open diary but food and restaurants via dining out and travels are my recent entries. But basically, I log it if I think my readers would benefit from it. One of my favorite categories in my blog right now is “adulthood” which we all can relate to. It’s doing adult errands such as passport and VISA renewal and getting copies of your birth certificates. etc. I book and record them for the benefit of everybody including myself when I need to do it again. Haha!

3. What inspired you to become a blogger? When did you start blogging?

Hmmm. It started naturally for me. I like taking photos so when the digital age started, I decided to create my own personal online book dated last 2013. Then, that passion flamed when we started doing trips abroad. I really enjoy looking and reading them all back and reminiscing about those times. I think they are treasures because we can’t go back in time but recording them would help us have the power to at least remember them, right? =)

4. What motivates you to blog?

Well, aside from the things I said above. Earning from it would be something awesome which is currently happening right now! So Thank you Lord for this opportunity! I think this is a great investment that I would like to do even on my retirement days.

5. What makes you unique compared to other bloggers?

Since I categorize myself as a lifestyle blogger, I only write about stuff that I encounter, and sharing what I think about them makes it unique. We all have different perspectives on things and this is what makes it interesting, voicing or should I say writing my take about it. But to answer this question directly, I am leaning towards more about featuring the product or service than my opinion. I hope this one is clear enough. LOL!

6. What’s the most viewed article on your website?

Haha! The list of online fast food stores and their contact nos. for deliveries! This one started when my co-workers always ordered online back then almost every day and I keep searching for that information even if it happens on a cycle. I decided to create it for a personal reason but ended up being one of the most viewed blog entries at the moment.

7. What’s the best thing about being a blogger?

For me, it’s really helping other people and finding out that my blog entries helped them in any way. Secondly is when they can relate to it. Like when they comment that “Hey, you are right about..”, lines like these are so satisfying to read! (online high five*) Hehe. Being productive is my goal!

8. What are your challenges in blogging?

It’s really the mood and I think some of you can relate to this. There will be days that you can write a lot in one sitting but practically most of the time, it’s not the case. In some way, you can say that maintaining that inspired state is the answer. Well, we really can’t help it since the mood is an ever-changing thing so making the most out of it when it happens really is the key.

9. Message for people who wants to be like you.

Start now. As a self-proclaimed “perfectionist”, I always want to do things perfectly but it will not happen. You will be criticized, make mistakes, and in some ways fail. But if you really like what you do, you’ll find ways. Usually, overthinking prevents me from doing stuff but now, I’m slowly adapting to it by being sensitive to it and fighting it. Lost time is a lost opportunity so manage it wisely. If you want to be a blogger too but with a busy schedule or in a different field, make time to do it during the weekends or in your free time. Yes, do your 9 to 5 job but build your dreams after that 5!

10. If ever you’ll get a chance to Travel with Karla, where do you wanna go?

Surely Korea! I know you have a lot of entries here! Haha! We have been here once but I know when given the chance, you will be giving those details that will matter and we will surely remember. Ano, Tara na?! Haha! G!

Thank you Michael! G ako diyan! I’d love to go back to Korea and tour you around!

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Michael Oyo of Michael's Hut
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Michael Oyo of Michael's Hut

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  1. Ang ganda ng message niya so true talaga pag gusto mo yung ginagawa mo kahit dami pa hindrances jan. Still gagawa ka ng way para magawa ito,? Masaya din pala talaga maging blogger lalo na sigurado pag full time na?

  2. Fully understandable the ins and outs of this so called trendy blogging ! It was bloomed this pandemic happened! All focus on socmed and it’s really interesting to know more about this and Michael Oyco

  3. Wow nkakatuwa nman si sir michael . Kung san tlga tayo magging masaya dun tayo eh . Bukod sa pag blog nya ng crypto and axie dn siya . Pero nkakatuwa kse mga bloggers tlga nkakatulong at nkaka inspire din tlga . Nkaka inspire ung mga artickle na sinusulat nyo po . Waahhh excited na po ako ma tour mo si sir michael sa korea ms. Karla ?❤️

  4. Worth to read ?keep on blogging lang po,daming matutunan at nakakainspire kayo ng ibang tao,thanks for sharing po ??

  5. Wow ang ganda naman ma’am, I like the blog ma’am,Thanks for sharing po♥️♥️

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