Multiple-Entry Visa to Korea Without Submitting Financial Documents

The embassy of Republic of Korea has a visa promo for the following card holders:

  • BDO Gold*
  • BDO Elite**
  • BPI Gold Mastercard*
  • BPI SkyMiles Platinum Mastercard**
  • BPI Amore Visa Platinum**
  • BPI Gold Express Teller Debit Card**

*multiple entry visa to Korea valid for 3 years
**multiple entry visa to Korea valid for 3-5 years

The card holders who have any of these cards are no longer required to submit a bank certificate and income tax return (ITR). They only need to submit their credit card statements upon visa Β application. However, employment certificate or business permit is still required.

Aside from BPI and BDO card holders, those who have traveled as tourist to the OECD member countries within 5 years andΒ those who have traveled as tourist to Korea at least once within 5 years are also exempted from submitting an ITR.

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