COVID-19: How to be a good citizen?

How to be a good citizen?

  1. Stay at home.
  2. Be nice to the front liners.
  3. Don’t share fake news.
  4. Don’t romanticize COVID-19
  5. Help the people in need.

1. Stay at Home.

Staying at home will help us to protect ourselves from being exposed to the COVID-19 virus. In addition, if you’re are the one infected, it prevents you from spreading it.

Things to do at Home In the Time of COVID-19

  • Share something positive. Are you an artist, a dancer, or a teacher? You may share your skills and knowledge online by doing YouTube Vlogs or Facebook Live. Most of the youth these days are even creating TiKToK dance covers to entertain other people.
  • Educate yourself. There are so many available courses online. Try to learn something new. For example, you can study how to cook some dishes, how to play an instrument, how to speak another language. Everyone on this planet have the same 24 hours in a day. What do you choose to do with yours?
  • Watch movies. Is there any movie you’ve never seen because of your busy schedule? You may also binge watch Kdrama. Where to watch Kdrama? Click here. Actually, you can also be productive while watching movies.
  • Bond with your family members. Now that you’re all at home, it’s the perfect time to actually get to know more about them. In most households, people only meet during weekend. The adults are busy at work and at the same time, children are busy at school. Do activities together like having meal time.
  • Exercise. Don’t let the closure of gyms stop you from being fit. Watch some work out videos on YouTube. They are absolutely free.
List of Online Jobs for Teachers

2. Be nice to the front liners.

Who are the front liners? These people are composed of medical practitioners like doctors, nurses, medical technologists, and other medical personnel. In addition, the uniformed men like the military and the policemen are also front liners; They help in public peace an order.

How to be a good citizen

Front liners are not limited to medical and military people. There are also people who work in the groceries and drugstores. The drivers, delivery men, and even the garbage collectors are front liners too. Therefore, these are the people who work hard to serve us in this difficult time.

3. Don’t share Fake News.

How to be a good citizen? Don’t share fake news. First, sharing fake news do more harm than good. Second, it gives panic to people and it also promotes hate. It doesn’t matter which politician you support. You must check your sources first before sharing anything.

4. Don’t romanticize COVID-19.

Remember this scene from the movie Parasite?
The rich woman kept on saying that the rain was such a blessing without thinking what the low and middle class people experienced because of it.

It’s the same with those people who are romanticizing COVID19. Yes, we are producing less pollution and waste now but it has also killed lots of people. Not everyone is fortunate like you who can also stay at home and have enough supply of food for the family. Above all, we must check our privileges.

  • This is not God’s Test.
  • COVID-19 is not the universe giving us a time to reflect.
  • This is a virus that’s attacking our health, safety, and economy.
  • COVID-19 is not making the world a better place!

5. Help the people in need.

Government official or not, we can help people by being a volunteer. To begin with, we can help by donating cash. We can also donate some of our clothes and other things we don’t need. Moreover, we can also help by giving our time to help our barangay officials in packing relief goods.

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There are many ways on how to be a good citizen in the time of COVID-19. I hope you choose to be one.


How about you? Can you share some ways on how to be a good citizen?

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  1. very nice topic to address! I think it is a big thing now for each and every person. in my country very little people act like good citizens, a lot of people break the rules and ‘do not believe in the virus’

  2. This Covid-19 killed thousands of people worldwide, and the only weapon that we can shield from it is just to stay at home. Who knows that being indoors could save lives?! Be safe, and have patience until the vaccine arrived.

  3. #4 is really unforgettable, I can still remember only 2% of those who shared and commented on my post thought that I romanticized the NCov.
    I guess adding “Don’t panic or control anxiety” may count I guess or maybe “lessen the negativity” ? Just for me tho. Thanks for this list, lucky that I am doing all this. I have observed that some of my friends are overthinking and sensitive the past few weeks. Maybe reading other cute and positive articles on your blog will help them to keep the positive vibe in their house. Stay safe!

  4. Continue spreading goodness Ms. Karla!! This blog post is inspiring and you really got everything right. We are all having a difficult time right now, but we can get through this together!!

  5. 100% agree on your point of views. A lot of people think that this is just a challenge/God’s Test. We have to wake up to the reality that this is a surreal pandemic that attacking our human world. Let’s be vigilant, cautious, respectful and at the same time follow the rules of our country. Love your article, sana maraming sumunod sa mga advice mo Ms. Karla. Ingat po!

  6. Thanks for this Ms Karla, Another matapang na take sa situation: Do not romantiize COVID-19. Not everyone will be brave enough to tell this, esp that most of us, Filipinos, are wired or brought up to always look at the bright side of life.

  7. My days these days revolve on kdrama or PH Film, my son, or the fundraising we have for frontliners. Kahit nasa bahay lang me nagagawa pa din. Yay

  8. Totaly agree! Especially on helping those in need. In our own little ways we can help them, for example, Globe and Grab offers their pointing or reward system so we could use it for donations, and also by staying at home and not being pasaway, we are already helping the frontliners.

    1. indeed of i i ha enough money to share it with people who are in need why not dba?but since nasa bahay lang i want to atleast contribute by cooperating and obeying our Govt. rules. Thats the best wwy we can do for all our frontliners risking their life for us

  9. Yung simpleng pagsunod na magstay sa bahay laking tulong na para malabanan ang pagkalat ng corona virus. Kung lahat marunong sumunod matatapos agad ang problemang ito.

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