Derma Science Hand Gel: Yay or Nay?

Last Friday, I was able to attend the launch of Derma Science Hand Gel. They have interesting guests like Dr. Dorris Velasco, an aesthetic derma expert and Aia De Leon, a singer-songwriter. In this post, I’ll share you my insights during the event.

What is Derma Science Hand Gel?

Derma Science Hand Gel is manufactured by Meiyumei. Their 100ml Hand Gel has Sakura Extract, while the 490ml has German Chamomile Extract. It does not contain Paraben and color agent. It has moisturizing and quick drying ingredients.

Pacific Health Care Philippines is the official distributor in the Philippines. They are one of the leading importers, distributors, and marketers of health related products in South East Asia.

Derma Science Hand Gel

Things You Need to Know about Hand Gels

  1. It must contain at least 60% alcohol in order to destroy microbes and virus.
  2. Having high concentration is alcohol on skin causes skin dryness and irritation.
  3. Hand Sanitizer Gels contain moisturizer to counteract the skin dryness.
  4. 1-2 drops of hand gel is enough to cover your hands.

Benefits of Sakura Extract to our skin

  • Helps in maintaining smooth and supple skin
  • Has anti-inflammatory properties
  • Prevents uneven skin tone (has whitening effect)
  • Has mild fragrance

Why do we need to switch to Paraben-free Sanitizers?

Paraben can disrupt hormone function. It can lead to increase risk of breast cancer and reproductive toxicity. It has carcinogenic properties. In fact, it’s already banned in some countries.

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Derma Science Hand Gel: Yay or Nay?

After attending the launch, I’ve learned a lot about the benefits of using this hand gel. It’s definitely a YAY for me. It’s great to know that there are hand sanitizer gels that does not have paraben and other harmful ingredients. The best part is that it has extracts that helps in moisturizing the skin.

Derma Science Hand Gel
My question was selected during the Q and A! Hehe!

Answer: German Chamomile has neutral smell. It’s good for public use because the scent is not invasive.

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Where to Buy?

You can get them atΒ Shopee,Β Lazada, andΒ

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