Am I COVID19 positive?

How will you know if you’re a COVID19 positive? I’ve been feeling under the weather since the enhanced community quarantine. I experienced diarrhea for weeks, and had fever last weekend. Visiting a hospital is the last option for me. I don’t want to be exposed to COVID19 positive patients. Since I can’t tolerate my stomach ache, I’ve decided to go to the emergency room to consult a doctor.

So what happened in the hospital?

When I got there, the staff did not allow me to get inside the hospital. I was ushered to the triage. They asked me about my medical history, travel history, and all the symptoms that is quite related to COVID-19. I had fever and diarrhea. That’s two out of the many symptoms of having COVID-19. It’s just surprising that they labelled me as Person Under Investigation (PUI) right away.

COVID19 positive

They recorded my blood pressure and my pulse rate. When they saw another patient coming, they asked me to go back to the car. That’s their way of social distancing. After a couple of minutes, two medical technologists approached me and asked for my blood samples. Both of them are wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). As soon as they’re done, they removed their PPE and disposed them. Am I really that dangerous?! Oh well, I guess that it’s part of their protocol. I went back to the car and waited for other instructions.

COVID19 positive

Our car is parked adjacent to the tent near the hospital so I can see how they are transporting the X-ray machine to the tent so I won’t need to enter the hospital. Here’s a picture of my mom outside the tent.

After minutes of waiting for the X-ray and other laboratory results, they informed me that I’m finally cleared! I don’t have COVID19 so I can finally have myself checked.

COVID19 positive

Although I was allowed to enter the emergency room, I still waited for a hospital bed. Most of the beds are occupied and they only have one bed in the emergency room. While waiting, they asked for a urine sample for pregnancy test. Apparently, it’s one of their protocols if the patient is on a child bearing age. (First time ko! LOL)

What’s the diagnosis?

After a series of tests, they figured that I have Urinary Tract Infection (UTI). This can be cured by taking some antibiotics and drinking lots of water. Not as bad as being COVID19 positive patient!

How much did I spend?

Hospital Bill Particulars:

  • Laboratory = 2,325.00
  • X-Ray = 1,544.00
  • Emergency Room = 681.00
  • RTU = 1,350.00

That’s a total of PhP 5,900 ($117)!

At this point, I’m thankful that my company gave me a health card (Maxicare). When I presented the card, I only paid PhP 472.50. Apparently, pregnancy tests are not covered by the health card and it’s fine. In addition, I also spent around 1,000 pesos to buy the prescribed medicine.


Health is wealth, indeed. I would classify myself as a middle class so I have allotted savings for health emergencies like this. What if this happens to people who earns a minimum wage? The minimum wage for people in the Philippines is around 300 to 500 pesos per day. Most people don’t even have health cards. It’s just sad that it’s really expensive to be sick these days. Stay healthy folks!

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  1. Glad you’re cleared already! I had high fever last night and had my samples taken today – the result also showed UTI ??? i think okay na yun kesa covid… let’s all stay healthy, lalo na ngayon nakakatakot magpuntang ospital.

  2. Aahh. Super great to know na hindi covid. Nakakakaba. If ever, since ikaw you went to the er na. If ever me positive. San sila pupunta?

  3. Good thing you don’t have the virus and that you are now feeling better. Ang hirap magkasakit lalu na sa panahon ngayon, hirap kase magpunta sa hospital, yung iba tumatanggi na ng pasyente. Ang laking tulong din talaga ng health cards ano? I remember when my father had a stroke, ICU sya for 7 days kulang kulang 200k ang bill namin, pero dahil sa card 6k lang ang binayaran ko. Paano na kaya yung mga walang health cards and incapable of paying even just P500 for medical needs, nakakalungkot.

  4. thank God Karla you are ok! yung symptoms mo kasi similar sa mga symptoms ng Covid positive and it’s really scary. Take some rest muna, I saw your posts na nag volunteer ka sa barangay nyo for SK and even naka mask ka mahirap parin masabi eh. But super nice to know that you are ok and covid free!

  5. Good thing you have medical insurance. That is the sad part in our country, we don’t have a reliable healthcare system and welfare. We have to look after ourselves. Be healthy and stay strong. Drink buko juice or cranberry juice.

  6. Sobranh scary na talaga magkasakit ngayon. Thank god po that you tested negative for covid! Hope you feel better soon! Everyone, let’s stay inside and keep healthy!! ❤️❤️

  7. Good to know na negative ka sa COVID 19. Nakakakaba pag nagkasakit ka sa panahon ngayon. Natawa ako dun sa pregnancy test, parang ako nun kahit alam ko naman na sure na di ako buntis. Hahaha…

  8. First, love the sunflower printed mask of yours haha

    Being a PUI ba tawag nun, through this post, we knew what it feels like. Parang nakakakaba pag meron ka symptoms. Good thing, you are negative! Stay safe, pretty!

  9. Buti na lang meron kang medical insurance. And buti na lang you’re cleared. Ang haba ng process. Since this pandemic began, I’ve been telling my sons we should not visit the clinic. I’m too scared to go to one these days.

  10. SOP na nga ata talaga na to be labelled as PUI once you had any symptoms of COVID. Anyways, buti nalang hind yung virus, but girl, still, you have UTI! pagaling ka agad ha, you should really drink water a LOT, it is also good for your skin. hehe skincare tip agad.

  11. Appreciating for walking us through on what we could experience if we become symptomatic. Understanding through your experience gives me a bit of chills, never will I dream to contract the contagious disease. Your experience as well will strengthen on being prepared of the inevitable by investing on a HMO service. Glad that is saved your pocket. Keep safe always Karla.

  12. Glad you are safe and not infected on the other hand I really feel sad for our health care system. Sorry this this, but it’s like the worst in the world. If you are poor you’ll just die without being treated. Good thing you had a Maxicare and it lessen your burden to pay that huge amount.

  13. I don’t want to be in your place 🙁 It’s a good thing that you are not positive. Ang hirap talaga sa panahon ngayon, so we need to take care of our health seriously and do stay at home. Stay safe sa iyo and your family!

  14. Oh, my goodness! Just the process of going through it all gave me heart palpitations. Also the bills, my gawd! You’re a real trouper, girl! Hope you’re feeling better now. Shout out kay Mommy and her pink sneakers!

  15. The process may seem scary but I’m glad that your diagnosis is not about COVID-19. Health is wealth po talaga. I’m hoping for your fast recover, Ma’am. ☺️

  16. Through the calculations, naisip ko papano na lang kaya yung walang maxicare although middle class hindi, hindi ganun kalaki yung pera na dadalhin sa ospital. Your living together at sa benefits hindi ka masama. Ang hirap!

  17. My God ang mahal pla,same tayo my UTI Ms. Karla. BUKO JUICE SAKN AT WATER THERAPY AKO.

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