How to Get Barangay Health Certificate

Barangay Health Certificate is one of the requirements for traveling during this pandemic. Fret not! It only takes few minutes to get this.

Barangay Health Certificate

Since December 2020, I’ve been trying to explore different AirBnbs every month. Instead of providing the expensive swab test or rapid test, most of them accept health certificates from barangay.

Step 1: Provide a Proof of Residency

You can secure a certificate of residency from the Barangay Hall. Just fill out a form by providing your name, address, and the length of time you reside in that place.

Step 2: Answer the Health Declaration Form

Some barangays just give out the health declaration form in the Barangay Health Center. Others interview the applicants. They will ask you if you experience any signs and symptoms of COVID-19. This includes fever, cough, cold, sore throat, diarrhea, and loss of appetite.

Step 3: Get your Barangay Health Certificate!

In the Barangay Health Center, they will ask your purpose for getting the certificate. You must also tell them when are you going to use it so they can decide for the validity of the health certificate. Before leaving, make sure that your certificate is signed by the barangay nurse and barangay official.

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How to Get Health Certificate

  1. Provide a proof of residency
  2. Answer the Health Declaration Form
  3. Get your Health Certificate
Barangay Health Certificate
Sample Health Certificate from Barangay Sampaloc I

Whether you are traveling for leisure or for business, it is really important to follow the health protocols. Always be honest in answering your health declaration forms. Do not be the reason for the spread of COVID-19 virus! Let’s be responsible travelers.

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Remember: Only persons from 15 to 65 years old are allowed to go out of their homes even in MGCQ areas. The rest, as well as those who are immunocompromised and pregnant, must stay at home as a precaution against Covid-19. (IATF Resolutions)

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  1. Ang galing mabilis lang pala kumuha nito kaso mabilis din expiration niya?sakto need ko mag renew ng requirements ?Thank you for sharing Ms.Karla.

  2. This is very informative po. Helpful sa mga may plano na mag travel. Required nga po ang barangay health certificate ngayong pandemic, kumuha din po ako nan nung naglipat ng gamit si tita from her boarding house. Buti na nga lang po madali lang kumuha, less hassle.

  3. Super dali lang po tlga no . Kaso smin dito sa malapit na barangay lagi kmi tinhturo sa main pa . Npaka layo kya minsan hirap dn kmi .. kailangan pa nman to sa lahat pti kapag mag aaply ng work ??

  4. bilis lang dn pla kumuha ng ganito barangay health certificate , required kc tlaga na meron ganito lalo na dun sa mga nagbabalak mag travel na, kaso db may expiration po ung ganito o wala na po?

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