Buying Furniture Gone Wrong

Buying Furniture Gone Wrong by Renell Pacrin

Buying Furniture Gone Wrong
Buying Furniture Gone Wrong

Few years after moving in to Mima’s Homey, we have started to acquire additional furniture and purchased a living room sofa set, as well as a six-seater dining table.  It took us some time to select and visited all the nearby stores, before finally picked my husband’s liked most set in one of the elegant-looking furniture stores at the shopping mall, SM City Dasmariñas.

It was a six-seater, three-piece, side/center table excluded, black leather sofa set (P58,000.00) and a marble dining table (P27,000.00), all imported, with Malaysian rubber wood frames, according to the salesclerk.  Impressed with the furniture’s specifications, we were immediately convinced to buy them.  My husband fell in love with our neighbor’s flawless leather sofa set, so he opted for the same model/style, but different color.

Buying Furniture Gone Wrong

After few months of purchase, some parts of the sofa’s wooden frame cracked and started to peel.  Then after almost a year, under normal condition, usage, and care, the leather sofa also started to peel.  I have immediately informed the store and asked for assistance.  Unfortunately, the store representative said that imported furniture does not have warranty, that they will reupholster the sofa with free labor, and we have pay for the chosen materials. 

Buying Furniture Gone Wrong

Feeling duped, I went to the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) in town and filed a complaint, hired a lawyer, and proceeded with the lawsuit because the mediation failed.  I should have read R. A. 7394 The Consumer Act, the DTI’s Consumer Protection Law and the complaint filing procedure and requirements prior to the lawsuit.  There has been bias and loopholes in the case.  I have also shared this awful experience to all of my friends for their reference and guidance.

Make sure to know about the materials

Leather material is known for flexibility and durability. Its fibers are stable and does not wear off easily.  It develops a thin layer that protects leather from staining, as well as from damage from wearing and corroding. People use leather for high-quality bags, footwear, and furniture like our sofa. 

While the Malaysian rubber wood belongs to the maple family, which is a true hardwood. Rubber wood is well-known because they are strong, flexible, and resistant to fungus, bacteria, and mold.  It is one of the most durable woods used for furniture like the frame of our sofa and dining chairs which are now wood borer-infested.

Buying Furniture Gone Wrong

That furniture store in SM City Dasmariñas have branches all over CALABARZON, if you have plans to buy furnitures, I would like to share these things to ponder – how will consumers know if leather furniture are not fake?  How can we determine real leather and hard wood?  By how much it costs like we did?  Do we need to wait for the wear and tear for its revelation?  Is it possible to have a legitimacy certification, if there is such? 

Always beware of fraud!

About the Author:

Renell A. Dela Cruz – Pacrin is a development worker (support staff) for seventeen years who loves to cook and bake.  She earned a degree in Secretarial Administration and passed the NC II (National Certificate) in Bread and Pastry Production.  During her free time, she bakes cookies, cakes, and pastries, mostly for her lovely daughter’s packed snacks, family occasions, and sometimes made to order.  Currently self-employed, she focuses more on her spouse’ van rental business, home duties, exploring handicrafts, and taking care of the homey.

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  1. We really need to be careful in choosing furniture to avoid incidents like this. Usually I prefer buying furniture to trusted suppliers that has warranty if something went wrong.

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