Whirlpool Heavy Duty Dryer Review

Whirlpool Heavy Duty Dryer Review by Renell Pacrin

Whirlpool Heavy Duty Dryer Review


  • Model:  WGD4800BQ
  • 11 kg Capacity
  • Electro Mechanical
  • 9 Cycles
  • 4 Temperature Settings
  • Wrinkle Shield Options
  • Timed and Automatic Dry
  • Front Load
  • Lint Screen Filter
  • On/Off Cycle Signal
  • 110 Volts
  • Gas Fuel

Whirlpool Heavy Duty Dryer Review

With a very minimal maintenance cost and still in good working condition on its 5th year, this is the kind of basic home appliance worth investing, can be highly recommended, deserves the highest rating, and have a potential to last a much more longer life span.  Supported by a transformer, gas  fuel efficient, makes our clothes fragrant and soft, and some doesn’t needs ironing anymore.  However, Uniqlo’s lingerie – light wireless bra and seamless underwear are off limits in this kind of dryer, it melts the lingeries’ adhesive over time.

Whirlpool Heavy Duty Dryer Review

Series of Events

  • August 18, 2015 is the dryer date of purchase in the amount of P35,995.00;
  • October 28, 2015 – malfunction check-up, not rotating, defective belt replacement, under warranty;
  • November 10, 2015 – defective belt replacement, under warranty;
  • January 11, 2018 – malfunction check-up, defective belt, service fee P450.00;
  • January 16, 2018 – defective belt replacement P950, service fee P400; and
Whirlpool Heavy Duty Dryer Review

Author’s Notes

It is a good day for another Mima’s Homey review.  This is the second, following the introductory which featured a cooktop stove.  I will include a detailed series of events of the unexpected performance and quality of this expensive home appliance without any intention of defamation, just facts and experiences.  I thought I will finally have a blast after owning this kind of heavy duty appliance, for the first year yes, but it was the opposite in the succeeding years (except 2018).  

There are actually two appliances which I bought of the same brand and one of them is faulty.  I also thought that this might be an isolated case. However, the nearby laundry shop owner disposed all of her washing machines with the same model due to poor quality and high maintenance cost compared to her other branded washing machines.  We have the same service technician from the authorized service center of Fujidenzo, Whirlpool, Maytag, and Glem.  We can definitely compare notes!

About the Author:

Renell A. Dela Cruz – Pacrin is a development worker (support staff) for seventeen years who loves to cook and bake.  She earned a degree in Secretarial Administration and passed the NC II (National Certificate) in Bread and Pastry Production.  She dreamt to become an interior designer but was inspired during her internship to pursue a career indirectly helping the rural poor and farmers.  During her free time, she bakes cookies, cakes, and pastries, mostly for her lovely daughter’s packed snacks, family occasions, and sometimes made to order.  Currently self-employed, she focuses more on her spouse’ van rental business, home duties, exploring handicrafts, and taking care of the homey.

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