Things to Consider before Owning a Dog

Things to Consider before Owning a Dog by Renell Pacrin

Mima’s Homey housed fifteen (15) dogs – twelve Rottweilers, one English Bulldog (Bucky), and at present, two Jack Russell Terriers (Thanos and Brutus).  Our Rottweilers, Juggler and Poly had seven puppies (namely – Pink, Red, Green, Blue, Violet, White, and Yellow).  Then Juggler and Reign had two.  As much as we would like to keep all the first seven puppies because they are so adorable, we have to find them a new home.  We can only accommodate two dogs at Mima’s Homey.  Hence, we brought Poly to my father-in-law’s place, while Juggler and Reign stayed with us.  When Bill and Clinton (Juggler and Reign’s puppies) came, we’ve decided to keep them.  Unluckily, both of them got sick when they were only few months old and didn’t survive.

Things to Consider before Owning a Dog
Things to Consider before Owning a Dog

Taking care of domestic pets is quite a huge responsibility, just like taking care of your own child.  You have to be financially, physically, and emotionally prepared.  Pets also needs tender loving care, not only humans.  Their sickness and/or diseases are the same like ours, according to the veterinary doctor of our dogs.  You have to spend time with them, regularly take them for a walk, keep them healthy, train/discipline them, especially if your pets are living inside your house.

Three Questions to Ask before Owning a Dog:

Owning a dog, by experience, isn’t just feeding and bathing them.  I have seen neglected dogs, like a Rottweiler who was given for adoption.  He had deformities because his owner kept him in a small dog house which is not suited for big breed dogs.  He became very aggressive too, one of the signs of being neglected.  Our dogs’ veterinary doctor herself experienced an unusual behavior of a Labrador (a well-known very friendly dog breed), she and her assistant was bitten unexpectedly.  Unlike with our huge, 56 kg Rottweiler, they didn’t experienced any difficulties during visits/vaccinations.  
If you would like to own a dog, consider these things first:

1. What kind of dog would you like to have?

Which do you prefer: a guard dog, big, or small breed? Do you have a place where your dog can grow up and live comfortably?  Can you dedicate time and take good care of your dog well? 

Our family’s first dog was a Rottweiler.  Before taking him home, the previous owner instructed us to raise Juggler well, he should be sociable because we live in a village.  We enrolled him to an Obedience Training 101 which gave us so much ease in taking care of Juggler.  We are very grateful to my niece, Karla, and her siblings, they gifted my husband a book about Rottweilers.  You have to read detailed information, know the DOs and DON’Ts, and do some research about the dog of your choice.  Like Rottweilers, they are territorial and the jealous type.  Juggler attacked a cow, our neighbor’s goat, and slaughtered all my husband’s roosters, more than a dozen of expensive, with breed roosters.  While Reign does not allow stray cats inside our premises, she strangles cats. 

2. Can you finance the wellness and expenses of your pet?

Do you have a budget for vaccines, check-up, grooming, vitamins, food, toys, dog house, collar, leash, etc.?  You have to keep their shots updated and have them regularly checked.  If there are dogs in your neighborhood, there is a possibility that your dog might catch a disease, ear mites and fleas from your neighbors’ dogs, even though you are regularly checking and giving your dogs preventive treatments/medications. 

Things to Consider before Owning a Dog

My mother, my daughter’s classmate, and also my daughter was bitten by our Rottweilers.  Trained or well behaved, you cannot be certain if your dog will not hurt anyone, they are unpredictable.  Even though our dogs have anti rabies shots, we have to send my daughter, mother, and my daughter’s classmate to an animal bite center and shouldered the costs of their out-patient medications and expenses.  Some of our dogs got sick too, confined in the clinic for more than a week and costs us a lot. 

3. Are you physically and emotionally prepared to have a pet?

Can you catch up with how playful your pet can be?  Can you manage how stubborn and irritating your pet can be?  Will you have enough patience if your pet ruined your couch, your plants, your favorite shoes, or your car?  No matter how bad your day was, not matter how bad your dog behaved, you must not punish and hurt your dog, it will be traumatic for them.  One of our Rottweilers, Poly, she’s fierce, but had a trauma/phobia after my husband disciplined her, because she played and destroyed some of our plants.  

Things to Consider before Owning a Dog
Things to Consider before Owning a Dog

Traveling with Pets

Sometimes we bring our dogs with us during vacation and long drive/island hopping, like in Baguio, Caramoan, and Puero Galera.  Potty trained pets are ideal to tag along when you travel.  Among our dogs, only one had motion sickness (Poly), while others enjoys riding a vehicle.  Juggler wants to be in a window seat, while Bucky likes to stand, instead of sitting/lying, while in transit.  However, if your pets are big breed dogs and you do not have enough space in your vehicle, you can book them to a room and board arrangement in a veterinary clinic.  They will surely take good care of your pets while you’re away.

Things to Consider before Owning a Dog

I am not fond of house pets because they are noisy and smelly, it is my husband and daughter, who are dog lovers, made me discover how charming and sweet they are.  And now, my daughter owns two fascinating tuxedo domestic cats (Momo and Meatloaf).  One of her dreams came true, her pets are sleeping in her bedroom, beside her. 

Whichever pet your choice is, which will give you happiness, they should be considered as members of the family.  They gives us joy, protects us, relieves our stress, and some are even therapeutic. They should be always be loved and treated well. 

Renell Pacrin, Mima’s Homey

About the Author:

Renell A. Dela Cruz – Pacrin is a development worker (support staff) for seventeen years who loves to cook and bake.  She earned a degree in Secretarial Administration and passed the NC II (National Certificate) in Bread and Pastry Production.  During her free time, she bakes cookies, cakes, and pastries, mostly for her lovely daughter’s packed snacks, family occasions, and sometimes made to order.  Currently self-employed, she focuses more on her spouse’ van rental business, home duties, exploring handicrafts, and taking care of the homey.

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  1. Grabe nman this, and really so Inspiring, Having a Dog in our Family is really one of the Most Important Things in our life, we must considered that we are part of our Family, We Really Need to show the Love and care, Hindi lang sa kanilang panlabas kundi pati narin sa kanilang kalusugan ??

  2. Thankyou for sharing this infomative blog, Yess po kami po meron po kaming alagang dog. Iba po talaga ang trato namin sa kanya parang isang pamilya narin po talaga kami.. Hindi rin po talaga nawawala ang bonding namin sa kanya at nilalaro po namin siya at hindi lang yun sa tuwing pupunta kami sa tindahan o palengke sinasama po namin siya, para kahit papaano makakita naman po siya ng ibang lugar at ibang mga tao.. At kailangan din talaga natin silang pakainin ng Healthy foods. Para maging healthy sila. Happy International Dog Day. ?❤️

  3. Happy International Dog Day ?❤️
    Done reading this blog po and talagang agree po ako sa mga ito and dapat talaga we are physically and mentally prepared kapag mag aalaga tayo ng dog and kaya natin ung mga expenses nila for food and etc para hindi mapabayaan at maging healthy sila we should always think din ano ba ung gusto nating dog thanks for this po very helpful❤️?

  4. This things to consider before owning a dog is very true and cery helpful. We must consider this things to prepare ourselves in having pets. True that we have to be ready in terms of expenses because we must treat our pets as member of the family. We must feed them properly and also visit the veterinary clinic for their health concerns.
    Many responsibility that we must be aware.
    This blog is very helpful thank you for sharing Ms.Karla??

  5. They are absolutely like our family and we should consider them as part of family ❤️. Needed to give them ,tender loving care

  6. I agree with your list po. We should be a responsible pet owners so we need to consider these before owning one. I’m an ailurophile but we have two dogs, my sister’s pets. Like cats, dogs need love and attention too. We should be able to give them all their needs and treat them as family.

  7. Thank you for this tips Ms.Karla.Big help po ito sa mga may plano bumili ng pet.Dapat talaga well prepared muna lalo na sa financial.And aware din sila kung pano yung tamang pag aalaga. Pet lover din sana ako kaso hindi pwede sa may asthma.And wala din pang financial support.

  8. Yes thankyou for sharing this ms.karla ❤️ dapat tlga pinag iisipan tlga mabuti ang pagaalaga ng dog lalo na kung anong klase pati ung mga food ba kaya ba sa budget . Super helpful ito sa mga gusto or ngpaplano na mgkaron ng dog ?❤️

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