#ChloeTingChallenge (Day 1 to 5)

#ChloeTingChallenge has been trending on Instagram and YouTube for quite some time now. Since I have some free time in the morning, my sister and I decided to accept the challenge. I made this blog post just to document the changes in my body.

Day 1

Duration: 23 minutes

On the first day, I did EP1 [Do This Everyday To Lose Weight] and EP2 [2 Weeks Ab Workout Challenge]. I got really sweaty but I didn’t feel any muscle pain after the exercise.

“The only bad workout is the one you didn’t do.”

Day 2

Duration: 23 minutes (to 33 minutes)

On the second day, I did the same (EP1 and EP2). The 11 Line Abs Workout is just optional so I skipped it.

“Good things come to those who sweat.”

Day 3

Duration: 45 minutes

On the third day, I did EP1, EP2, EP 3 [Lower Body Burn Workout], and the 11 Line Abs. I’m so glad that I made it. I never thought I can finish a 45-minute long workout!

“Make your mind work for you, not against you.”

Day 4

Duration: 35 minutes

On the fourth day, I did EP1, EP2, and EP4 [Tight Core & Abs Workout]. I’m not sure if the changes are visible but I can feel that my stomach is starting to get toned.

“All progress takes place outside the comfort zone.”

Day 5

Today is my fifth day. It’s finally rest day!

It’s the reason why I have time to make a blog post. Let’s stay fit and eat healthy food to boost our immune system. I’m not a fitness blogger so I can’t really give you a professional advice. As most people say, “fitness is 80% diet and 20% exercise”

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It was the 2nd day of my exercise when I read about how the S’pore bodybuilder tears Chloe Ting’s work out videos apart in 62 Instagram Stories. In his posts, he claims that Ting’s workouts are not as effective as she makes them to be, and that the YouTuber has been spreading untruths on the science of fitness. I’ve read it and he has valid points.

In my opinion, although it might not be that effective in muscle building, I think it’s a good way to burn some calories. I guess, I just have to finish the #chloetingchallenge 2 Weeks Shred Challenge and give you a feedback if it is effective or not.

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  1. Keep up the good work,Ms Karla.Kakayanin ko din kaya yan?Kaso sa pag aalaga pa Lang Ng baby nakakapag exercise na ko.Hehe

  2. First time to hear about the Chloeting challenge sa you and good to know it’s working on you. May changes talagang nakita sa u. Continue mo pRun ba sya?

  3. This is timely. Is this the calling? Calling for diet and exercise? Plus it is weekend? Haha! I will do this later I promise. I cannot believe that of all the blogs I have been reading, this hits me hard. I am guilty I swear! Okay, time to hype up my mood. Hoping I won’t be lazy after work.

  4. I’ve read that article debunking Chloe Ting’s workouts! Honestly, the guy indeed has some valid points. I hope Chloe will clear this issue up – and maybe put some disclaimer that she’s not a fitness professional so that other people will be informed. But not sure if she has disclaimer though since i don’t watch her videos except for one which was shared to me. Anyway, good luck in your fitness journey ??

  5. Super effect? My sister did this di ko alam kung me effect kasi payat talaga sya hahahaha im hoping to try this soon! I need a push pa

  6. Looooove it!!! Girl, you look great. Keep it up lang ah. I’m also working on my abs din sana eh kaso I don’t think I’ll be able to do it everyday. And hassle huhu pero bawal tamarin.

  7. I have a huge post pregnancy body and I want to challenge myself too but I have more chores to do than this. Perhaps I need to adjust waking in the morning so I can exercise. Though sometimes I am so tired with all the mom chores that I felt like I am short with 24 hrs a day.

  8. Been reading posts about chloe ting challenge too, but I’m too lazy for this. haha But, grabe! Determination really gives you results, no? May abs ka na! Congrats. Will read more about it nga.

  9. Wooohhh…great job gal. You have actually taken up the challenge quite seriously. Thanks for spreading the motivation towards fitness.

  10. It’s good that you have this challenge, been seeing this challenge on your IG posts. I also have my workout routine and I agree, good things comes to those who sweat. It’s indeed important to have a rest day, which God also do after all His creations.

  11. So cool to see one of the popular fitness trends actually get tested! Would you keep doing it? I always have trouble finding something that doesn’t bore me after a few weeks of repetition.

  12. That’s a great workout to start towards achieving your desired body. I’m so happy to see people I am connected to who takes care of their body and health. Goodluck to your journey! I am currently using an app called sweat and Fitonn. I also attend dance class workout on my days off!!!:) keep us updated!!!

  13. I think it is really effective. My sisters are on the chubby side, they tried Chloe Ting and it work wonders talaga. Your pictures say the same, too. So, gagawin ko na rin ito bukas na bukas na. Haha.

  14. Love your own body. That is the message that I am getting from this article. On the other hand, exercising is a best way to boost our immune system, a perfect activity against covid. Will try your routine soon.

  15. I will keep checking for your updates. I need to do some exercises too to strengthen my core. This lock down period made my diet fly out the window!

  16. As a personal trainer I’m always sceptical of anything that promises quick results or a particular outcome, although if they can encourage people towards a routine of moving regularly in ways that feel good and nourishing their bodies then they can be a great starting point before moving on to something that is more sustainable and likely to lead to more long lasting results.

  17. This challenge will help influence netizens to have active lifestyle even during the quarantine period. We need to really burn and sweat, instead of the usual coach potato lifestyle some could have, improving both physical and mental health.

  18. Well done, Karla! Starting is the problem but once you do, it gets better, and you sweat well. I do some workouts in my parlour because gyms have been closed for 3 months.

  19. Thank you miss karla for inspiring as to be fit, ? that’s the best things we should do while in quarantine.. We should boost our immune system.. Eat healthy foods, take food supplements, and do some exercise.. ???

  20. kitang kita ung pagbabago ate, body goals achieve na achieve heheh konteng push na lang ?

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