The World of The Married Ending: Happy or Not?

The World of the Married Ending might seem not satisfying for others but I think it’s just right for me. It gave justice for the women who got cheated on. Let me discuss each characters in detail.

I must say that the introduction of episode 16 is quite heartbreaking. Sun Woo and her son were eating at their dining table and there were flashbacks of their happy family. After eating, Joon Young went to his room and deleted all his pictures with his dad.

Dr. Ji Sun Woo

She continued being a successful doctor. She may lost her husband but she finally got a good set of friends. After being running away for a year, her son went back to her arms. I hope that she gives Dr. Kim a chance to date her. LOL.

Yeo Da Kyung

The World of the Married Ending

Da Kyung and her family left Gosan for good. She’s know studying on how to manage an art gallery. We can all agree that she’s blessed with beauty and wealth. She’ll be successful as long as she won’t end up with married guy!

Go Ye-Rim

I don’t have any regrets about my decision. To be honest to say, I’m trying to do my best in order to not regret because the life is made by my decisions.

Go Ye-Rim
The World of the Married Ending

Ye-Rim admitted that she can’t trust her ex-husband again. They tried to be together but she keeps on having suspicions about Son Je-Hyuk having an affair. We can’t blame her. It happened many times! If she continues the relationship, she’ll end up playing the doubting game which is so unhealthy for her mental health. I’m glad that she became an independent woman in the end. Je Hyuk lost a gem while collecting stones.

Side Characters:

Yoon No-Eul

I like how she took care of the Joon Young ever since the divorce of his parents. I know that both of them has a thing for each other. The bookstore and ice cream date is really cute!

Cha Do-Cheol’s wife/ Hee Kang’s mom

This gossiper is really annoying since the beginning. At least in the end, she greeted Dr. Ji while they were shopping. She apologized in the end. As she said, “Let bygones, be bygones.”

Chairman Choi’s wife

She commended Dr. Ji for making the Chairman Yeo’s family leave Gosan. The people in Gosan are now afraid of having conflicts with Dr. Ji. I like how she acts as a mentor whenever she gives her some advice.

Dr. Sul Myung-Sook

She remained single until the end.

Min Hyun-Seo

She’s not shown in the last few episodes but we still want to know who killed Park In-Kyu. Do you think it’s really suicide?

Travel with Karla

To be honest, I actually liked that they didn’t end up being together again. Lee Tae Oh doesn’t deserve to have them back. He had another chance of being a good person when he entered Da Kyung’s family but he also wasted it by repeating the same mistakes. He’s sick! Once a cheater, always a cheater.

The World of The Married Ending

Are you satisfied with the The World of the Married Ending? Let’s talk about it in the comments section!

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  1. I super love this series ? abangers ko nun ongoing pa Lang to. I had a rollercoaster of emotions. Damang dama ko Lahat Ng emotions ni dra, dami Kong nailuha kahit Wala Naman akong pinagdaanan na katulad Ng sa kanya, pero superb Ang akting kaya Yung emotions Nia ramdam na ramdam ko. I like the ending too ?

  2. Aww. I’m not satisfied with the ending of this world married couple. Di man lang pinakita yung buhay nila nun nagkasama na sila ulit ng anak nya. Kahit muka ng anak nya di pinakita. Huhu. Bitin talaga. Sana may season 2 na lang. Praying for that para guminhawa dibdib ko hehe

  3. I might not know these characters, but I like seeing that they had their own version of justifies ending. I might give the show a try, even if I already know what’s gonna happen. Lol

  4. Ang tapang ni Ji Sun-woo. Grabe yung utak and heart nya, sa pagbuo at pag-execute ng kanyang plans.

    1. I agree It’s hard to suppress the feelings but she bottled it up to orchestrate the plan. Galing!
      I hate it when the husband said in the end, “it could have been a simple fling if you did not react that way” – like WTF?!!

  5. Kagabi ko lang natapos =) For me naman, one or two more episode pa sana. Gusto ko sana ng konti pang lawak sa mga nangyari sa bawat character. And si Min Hyun-Seo, what happened to her. Ano ba talagang nangyari dun sa bf nya na nahulog. Si Tae Oh, parang wala na syang pag-asa, he can’t stand on his own. People commit mistakes and can change, pero sya parang walang pag-asa, until the end talaga hindi nya nagawang manindigan, kahit sarili nya napabayaan na nya. Sana nagawa man lang nya na ayusin yung sarili nyang buhay sa ending, hays.

  6. This seems an interesting story. I will watch it this weekend. Sana may story rin na yung wife naman ang nag commit ng adultery (boring na yung puro husband na lang) and how she will handle it 🙂

  7. The world of marriage is a highly recomended korean drama. Not just because it tackles adultery which is very timely now a days. Its all about woman who hurt and suffer cause by others. And despite of pain they choose to stand still for their love one in order to survive.

    One thing i learned with this series is “before forgiving others you must forgive yourself first.”

    Thankyou so much Dr. ji Sun Woo for being brave until the end. I am sure you have now peace of mind with your son, Goodbye for now ( i will miss my favorite ghost figther) And hello kim hee ae. ❤️????‍⚕️

    PS you made my ECQ memorable. Your emotions become mine. I almost fill your shoes. ??‍⚕️❤️

  8. Right, dapat kung binigyan ka ng chance para magbago, dapat d no na ulitin ung pagkakamaling un… Sa kaso nila, mas OK pang maghiwalay na lang kesa magkasama nga, pero wala ng respeto sa isat isa.

  9. Agree ako Ms.Karla once a cheater always a cheater. hehehe.
    I love the story of this series.

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