KDrama Review: Hi Bye Mama


Hi Bye Mama is a drama about a mother who died in an accident. Despite being a ghost, she watches over her child and husband for about five years. Things changed when she got a chance to become a human again. She was given 49 days to spend time with her family and friends. To complicate things, his husband is now married to another woman and everyone has moved on with their lives including her family and friends.

Hi Bye Mama

6 Reasons to Watch Hi Bye Mama

1 . It will give you a roller coaster of emotions.

The husband (Jo Kang-Hwa) suffered from depression after the death of his wife. It took him a lot of time to recover. What’s worse? He didn’t know that his wife (Cha Yu-Ri) was with him all throughout those dark times.

Hi By Mama

2. It will show you the importance of family.

You’ll know that the little things matter. Your relationship with your parents and siblings may seem unimportant but losing one member of the family can really give a great impact to the whole family.

Hi Bye Mama

3. It illustrates that not all step moms are bad.

Contrary to most fairy tales, the step mom of Seo Woo is really good. She did her best to raise the child like her own child. She even quit her job just to focus on being a mother.

4. It reminds us that we need a friend who can listen to us.

All the hardships are bearable if you have a friend who tirelessly listen to your problems. It’s great to have an outlet. As they say, a problem shared is a problem halved.

5. It will make you think about your purpose in life.

There are so many ghosts lingering because they still haven’t finished their purpose yet. Most of them have regrets. Others are just waiting for their loved ones to achieve something.

6. It will make you feel how a mother loves unconditionally.

Cha Yu-Ri tried different jobs just to get close to her daughter. She worked as a kitchen assistant, and even a pick up helper! It’s amazing to know what mothers can do for their child.

Hi Bye Mama
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  1. Gusto ko mapanood to. Parang ganda ng takbo ng story. Pero mukang malungkot sya. Idk kasi kapag tungkol talaga sa nanay naiiyak ako.. Same here, nasa heaven na ang mama ko 7years ago.

  2. This drama made me cry so much and made me realize that we should do the things we want to do. Say the words that we want to say to our love ones because we can’t turn back the time once we die.

  3. I really like your review, naconvince ako na manood. Sypnosis pa lang naiyak na ako. Tagal na nasa list ko to pero di ko pa pinapanood. Feeling ko iiyak ako. Naconvince ako sa part ng step mom, i like the character na, kase very uncommon sa mga characters ng step mom sa other dramas

  4. Mukang maganda ito, dun sa plot pa lang parang roller coaster of emotions nga. And it’s nice na bago naman ang pagpapakilala sa stepmom dito, lagi kasing bad ang stepmom eh

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