How much does a UTI Treatment Cost in Philippines?

It’s hard to get sick in the time of COVID-19.

The out patient department of hospitals are closed. Even the laboratory out patient service is suspended. In some cases, even the emergency rooms are closed!

April 12, 2020

I went to Asia Medic Family Hospital & Medical Center to have a urinalysis. As for the protocol, they asked me about my travel history, and if I have any symptoms of COVID-19. I’m cleared. However, they mentioned that they do not have a medical technologist on duty that night, and they limit the travel history of patients. In addition, they do not accept patients who visited a different hospital prior them. Needless to say, I went home without any laboratory tests.

UTI Treatment Cost in Philippines

April 13, 2020

I went back to Emilio Aguinaldo College Medical Center. They did the protocol. They checked my body temperature and asked about the common symptoms of COVID-19. I mentioned my travel history and told them about my Doctor’s order.

UTI Treatment Cost in Philippines

Since the laboratory for out-patient service is suspended. I asked them if I could just pay for the emergency room so I can take the necessary laboratory tests.

I explained that I need to take the urinalysis so I can compare if I have improvement after a week of taking antibiotics. After some time, they gave me a cup for my urine sample. I’m still outside because apparently, emergency room is not available.

UTI Treatment Cost in Philippines

After about an hour, the doctor in charge explained that I still have high WBC and RBC. This means that I still have infection. It’s another week of medications! So let me share how much it costs for the whole treatment.

How much does a UTI Treatment Cost in Philippines?

For this day alone, my total bill is PhP 3,531.00. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Emergency Room Fee: PhP 816.00
  • Laboratory Fee: PhP 2715.00 (inclusive of Routine Urinalysis, Gram Stain, Urine CS)
  • Professional Fee: PhP 500.00

Because I have Maxicare Health Card, I only paid PhP 2,550.00. The Urine CS and Gram Stain is not covered by the health card.

UTI Treatment Cost in Philippines

Last week, I spent around PhP 900 for medicine (14 tablets of antibiotic at 5 capsules of pain reliever). This week, it’s only PhP 720.

  • Medicine: PhP 720.00 (10 pcs of Silgram + 10 pcs of Celecoxib)

I really hope to get better after this week. My stomach ache is really irritating. It’s making me less productive!

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I can’t believe I paid for the emergency room without getting inside it. Anyway, it’s better safe than sorry. I think it’s closed today because they are sterilizing it.

My body might not be reacting well on the antibiotics that’s why I was asked to do the Urine Culture Test.

I hope that this blog gave you an idea about the UTI Treatment Cost in Philippines. Drink plenty of water. Stay at home and stay safe!

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  1. Girl, hope you’re feeling better now. The healthcare system here in the philippines is just bad and super expensive. This is totallt not the time to have any sudden illnesses at all. I had to live with my ear infection for the whole of quarantine because they just dont have doctors. Ang lala.

  2. Aww. Get well po. Naranasan kona din po yan. Naging acute nung naospital ako dahil din jan sa UTI. Ginawa kopo nagherbal drinks po ako. Tas more on water tyaka ung coconut din po. Iniinom ko.

  3. Awww… Get well soon po… Nagka-UTI na din po ako dati pero hindi pa ko binigyan ng antibiotics more on water therapy lang po. Umiinom din po ako ng buko juice. Mahilig po ba kayo sa salty foods or nagpipigil umihi?.

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