Jan Darren Guiwan of Kapampangan Traveller

Jan Darren Guiwan of Kapampangan Traveller is one of the traveler bloggers who explored the 81 provinces of the Philippines. We both belong in a group called Travel Itinerary Philippines. I first met him at Comida in Quezon City. In addition, I also explored Tanay, Rizal with him. I must say that he’s very down to earth and generous person. Learn more about him in this post:


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Jan Darren Guiwan of Kapampangan Traveller

1. Are you a full time blogger? If not, what do you do besides blogging?

Blogging is actually just a hobby and another channel to share my traveling experience. I have my day job as an office manager for an organization inside the Clark Freeport Zone, and this funds my travels. If schedule permits, I do photo coverage on intimate and corporate events. Should I have lull time, I revert to my other hobbies like water colour painting, dancing, trying some literary outputs, and my ukulele.

2. What do you write about?

Lion’s share of the website is about travel experience, on angles of DIY and travel report after a familiarization tour. There are post-event articles too as we get invited in launches and other relevant events. Should my literary side turns on, I could write a poem in a heartbeat, especially in Kapampangan language, but this comes rarely.

3. What inspired you to become a blogger? When did you start blogging?

The blogging side was an idea of my former manager/mentor. He is the one who pushed me to explore photography as well. He is the one who allowed me to travel and to explore beyond the four walls of my office. It was 2014 when he gave me the idea, and by June 2016, that I started the blog. Even upon severance of employee-employer relationship, he kept in touch with me and pushed me to blog more. I owe all of this to my life mentor, Sir Herrie Rivera.

I took blogging since I was a frustrated writer since my school days. What I did is to try my best to enter school publication but I failed. I experienced politics that time. Those who pushed me down during those years are the ones congratulating me on my blogging achievements. Even my professors are surprised of these outputs. We are not bragging but the articles are our outputs.

4. What motivates you to blog?

One word – PHILIPPINES. Our country, endowed with 7,641 islands, each with unique beauty, is indeed a blog-worthy content. Our passion to influence our readers to travel and experience our country fuels me to continue posting articles. Apart from this, we take this opportunity to help livelihood of the locals we engaged during travels. We never know, on the cash we pay to the boatmen, drivers, and guides, are the ones that feed their families and daily sustenance.

Jan Darren Guiwan of Kapampangan Traveller

5. What makes you unique compared to other bloggers?

There are numerous travel bloggers in our community. My goal is to explore the less road traveled, the off-the-beaten-path destinations and unexplored spots in a responsible and sustainable way. Some bloggers do it for their own fame, but I do it to put the new places under the spotlight, slowly but surely.

We are also critical on the expenses incurred as we publish DIY perspective. Also, I promote awareness on local customs and regulations. As travelers, we should know and adhere to local ordinances. We are one in promoting responsible tourism.

6. What’s the most viewed article in your website?

The most viewed article is the Kapampangan Words translation. I wrote down common Kapampangan words and phrases used daily.

7. What’s the best thing about being a blogger?

What others perceive is what we can get for free. That is not the best experience of being a blogger. The best thing that happened is through the article you wrote, you are able to create a positive and lasting change or impact to the community you wrote for, without expecting a return. From our fingertips and mouse clicks, we have an unspoken influence or power to steer society to the direction we look forward to.  

Jan Darren Guiwan of Kapampangan Traveller

Secondary is the unprecedented access we can get on coverage, events, reviews, and sponsored tours. But come to think of it, nothing is free. We spend our personal time creating these articles – we consume electricity, gadgets and the likes.  

Another perspective, blogging is a stress reliever. Once we get those fingers tapping with flowing thoughts rapidly changing to a well-arranged article – we get that euphoria and surge of dopamine – even without posting it online. The bottom line, we get to experience things and stuff beyond what is expected from a usual consumer.

8. What are your challenges in blogging?

Writer’s Block – the arch nemesis. When he attacks, it seems that a huge wall is erected preventing the flow of creative juices.

9. Message for people who wants to be like you.

Identify your passion. That is your center/core. Whenever you lose motivation, hold on that center. It is never easy to blog. It is quite a challenge to be noticed in the multitudes of online personalities. But let that passion fuel the fire in you to bring you in great strides in this endeavour.

Equip yourself with updated knowledge and proper blogging tools. In any practice, there are certain techniques to improve your skills.

Learn to connect with people around you and invest in that connection. You will never know when to reap the bountiful harvest. Know the right people to connect with. Once this person is telling something against each other, disconnect.

Find a mentor and listen.

Lastly, be kind. This blogging community is hounded with possible internal issues.

10. If ever you’ll get a chance to Travel with Karla, where do you wanna go?

I want to Travel With Karla in Cuyo Island, or Linapacan, Palawan. I have a ready model that can be a beautiful subject for landscape shots.

Hi Lodi Jan! Thank you for your insightful of answers! I wish to have more travels with you this year and in the future years!

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Jan Darren Guiwan of Kapampangan Traveller

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  1. Aww ang insightful naman nito! I love his passion for promoting local places. Especially since it’s his way of supporting the locals and their livelihood. I want to explore more of Philippines because of this! 🙂

    – Hazel | https://hazywanders.com/

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