Things to do in Kirayoshida

It has always been my dream to explore the beautiful country of Japan. Instead of visiting the very touristy cities, I opted to go to Aichi prefecture and explored a town called Kirayoshida in Nishio City. Besides being known as the leading producer of Green Tea, there are also lots of things to do in the Nishio City. In this post, I’ll give you a list of things to do in Kirayoshida.

Things to do in Kirayoshida

1. Explore the Hazu Temple.

Things to do in Kirayoshida

Hazu Temple is one of the quiet temples in Aichi. It only opens when there’s a festival. This temple is declared as an important cultural heritage of Japan.

2. Visit the Hazu Shrine.

Things to do in Kirayoshida
The names written on the wood are names of people who takes care of the temple.

This is not Fushimi Inari Shrine. This is actually Hazu Shrine. As much as I want to visit Kyoto, my time is not enough. I thought I won’t be able to see any shrines but I’m glad I was able to see one near my accommodation in Nishio, Aichi.

3. Relax at Mikawa Bay.

Things to do in Kirayoshida

What’s the best thing about being in Kirayoshida? Mikawa Bay! It’s really relaxing to know that there’s a body of water near your place. People can do many activities there like fishing, boating, and even trying a stand up paddle!

Mikawa bay is just few minutes walk from the Hazu Temple.

4. Have a Japanese Haircut at Ailes.

Wanna do something crazy? Try having a haircut in Japan! If you feel adventurous like me, you can visit a hair salon and let the hair dresser decide for your haircut. Hahaha! Kidding. You can show them pictures of your desired look.

Things to do in Kirayoshida

By the way, people need to book for an appointment prior visiting hair salons. In this salon, the owner herself does the haircut. She doesn’t even have any staff. That’s how hardworking they are!

(Vlog about this haircut will be uploaded on my YouTube Channel)

5. Eat at the artsy Cafe Pulumeria.

This restaurant is inspired by Cafe Plumeria in Honolulu, Hawaii. The interior of the place is very artsy. They serve pancakes, and some all day breakfast meals. Oh, they also sell some cute accessories!

6. Drink Beer at Izakaya Suisui.

Izakaya is a type of Japanese bar in which a variety of small, typically inexpensive, dishes and snacks are served to accompany the alcoholic drinks.

You. must. try. their. beers! I didn’t realize that the beers in Japan would really taste good! After finishing a glass of beer, they even asked me to sing in the karaoke. It’s embarrassing but I had fun. LOL.

The locals usually go to the bar after their working hours. They don’t miss this opportunity because it’s the only time they can talk about their personal lives with their colleagues.

Geo Location: ??

7. Eat Ramen at Musashi.

I learned that it has been a Japanese tradition to eat ramen right after drinking beer. Even though I’m really full, I ate some delicious ramen at Musashi.

Geo Location: ??????

8. Catch some noodles at Minshuku Osaki.

In this restaurant, they serve the noodles using long bamboos. How? They let it swim on the bamboo with flowing water. People need to catch the cold noodles using chopsticks and put them on a cup with soup to add some flavor. Isn’t it fun?

Geo Location: ?????

9. Bathe in an Onsen.

As a fan of Jjimjilbang (Korean Public Bath House), I made sure to try an Onsen (Japanese Hot Spring). Taking a bath on high temperature really soothes my muscles. I’m glad that Maruto Ryokan offers free access to the onsen for all their guests.

Geo Location: OYO 661 Marutora Bekkan

10. Stay at Marutora Ryokan.

Take a peek on my accommodation for 3 days and 2 nights in Aichi, Japan.

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Travel with Karla

If you want to escape the busy cities of Japan, you have to visit Kirayoshida. I spent three days in the peaceful town of Kirayoshida and I really had lots of amazing experiences.

Karla Obispo of Travel with Karla
Travel with Karla


  1. Nakaka-miss naman ang Japan! The moment that we can travel again, I might do a reverse travel escapade sa Japan!

  2. Going to Japan has been one of my greatest dream. And I really heard a lot of great things when it comes to culture and beautiful places. I really love your itinerary because the beauty of Japan was really showcased

  3. Can’t wait to explore Japan more! I am in a mission to explore the 47 prefectures, and started my journey last June. Their onsen is the best, right?!

  4. I’ve never been to Japan so your post really intrigued me. I loved the detailed descriptions you provided. The cafe in Honolulu is totally on my list for this summer.

  5. I hope to visit japan one day and experience an onsen. Lovely! I love the bay and the solitude of the spot.

  6. i really want to visit Japan someday. It has such a rich culture and there are so many beautiful places to see. Oh, and of course, the food too. I just love Japanese cuisine!

  7. Japan is so beautiful and from your list, I wouldn’t miss having an Onsen bath, eating some Japanese foods, visiting the shrines and temples, and also, the haircut! I had never even thought of that but it’s such a good idea!

  8. I love this so much! I did nearly all of the above when I was in Japan!!!! The Shrine, and Izakaya, and the Onsen, awwww wish I was back in Japan, my fav country in the world, hands down! lovely post and lovely pictures!!!!!!!!!! keep it up!!!!! ?

  9. Great tips, I would love to visit the temple and the shrine. They both look so beautiful and the stories behind them would totally teach me loads.

  10. I will be bookmarking this page for future reference as my goal when I visit Japan is to explore more of the places outside Tokyo. An authentic onsen, beer and ramen experience is on top of my list ? kampai ?

  11. Can i just say, i love the haircur girl!! This makes me want to put japan right up next on my countries to visit. There’s so much stuff to do!! Thanks for showing them to us! Hahaha

  12. Bet ko ang haircut. I haven’t done that. Inahd a friend who came to Korea and wanted to have a haircut din so I booked her in one of the salons in Hongdae. Memorable yun.

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