How to be a Blogger Boyfriend?

How to be a blogger boyfriend? Okay, I’m single at the moment but I had a fair share of boyfriends before. In addition, I also met some of the boyfriends of my blogger friends. This post will probably give some tips to those people who are interested in dating a blogger. Maybe, these are just my standards. It’s up to you if you’ll read it or not.

1. Be Patient.

How to be a Blogger Boyfriend
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Bloggers take time in taking pictures. Whether it’s food or any random places, they make sure that they can get the best shots. Are you willing to eat cold food? Are you willing to be her photographer, videographer, and even video editor?

2. Be her Top Fan.

How to be a Blogger Boyfriend
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Although your partner gets a lot of attention from her fans, it will still feel different if the support comes from you. Support her by showing interest with the things she write about. If you don’t feel like sharing her posts, try reading it at least. Leave a nice comment.

3. Be with her.

Bloggers tend to travel a lot. They get invitations to attend events, dine in restaurants, and even stay in luxurious hotels. Make time for her and be her plus one. Be prepared to travel with her.

4. Trust her.

How to be a Blogger Boyfriend
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Trust her and give her a reason to trust you. There will be times when she has to travel alone. Let her. Don’t tell her to call you every minute. At the end of the day, she’ll call you and tell you about all her exciting adventures.

5. Love her.

How to be a blogger boyfriend? Well at this point, I think we have different ways of showing love. According to Chapman, there are five ways of showing love: giving gifts, quality time, acts of service, words of affirmation, and physical touch. Give her some blogging essentials. Spend time with her. Be her partner. Tell her she’s beautiful. Kiss and hug her!


  1. I need to read what you have to say about how to be a blogger boyfriend so I can share it to my ldr boyfriend LOL! He’s always been so supportive to me about what I do especially now that I chose to do this full-time and isa sa mga super nakaka excite sakanya pag nagkasama na kami is siya nadaw kasi yung magiging photographer ko for the blog 😀 hahaha di na raw ako mahihirapan!

  2. Hahaha! Daming qualifications! 2020 na in 1 month and 22 days! Hahaha! Nagsalita ang wala!

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