Japan Experience 2019: Crashing a Wedding (Day 1)

This is a story about crashing a wedding. When I came to Japan, I don’t have a concrete itinerary. My accommodations are not yet booked. One thing is sure, a family is going to adopt me for a day or two. I’m really thankful for their hospitality!

Crashing a Wedding
with Estrella Family

A Filipino Wedding in Japan

Since I don’t have any plans for the day, they asked me to join them in a wedding. It’s actually a Filipino wedding in Japan. The family who adopted me there is part of the entourage. They are ninang and ninong of the couple while their son is in charge of the videography and photography. What’s my role there? I’m the gate crasher. Hahaha!

Crashing a Wedding

It feels good to see that there’s a warm Filipino community in Japan. They actually have a church where they meet once or twice a week. Looking at them, I can see how close they are with each other. The wedding is not grand but I saw how everyone helped in decorating the church.

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Crashing A Wedding

The wedding is intimate. I think all the guests know each other. 90% are Filipinos and the other 10% are Filipino-Japanese kids. I was even asked to join the group picture but I respectfully declined because I’m not really part of the guest list. LOL.

Reception was done at Avanti in International Garden Hotel Narita. Let me show you some pictures of the food!

International Garden Hotel Narita
It’s great that they have English labels!
Crashing a Wedding
Steak and Pasta!
International Garden Hotel Narita
Gelato, Fruits, and some meats!

You know what, I’m quite surprised that there are no Japanese Food served in the buffet. I guess they are tired of it, and they prefer Western Food for special occasions.

Confessions of a Traveling Teacher

I have classes on weekdays. Although my boss allowed me to travel for a week, I still need to have lectures at night (7-9 pm JP time). I failed to attend the first day of class because the wedding venue is quite far from my accommodation. Instead, I used the computer in the church to send out pretests for my students.

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I know this is not the travel guide you are waiting for. I’ll publish my Tokyo – Hakone – Aichi Itinerary next week!

Meanwhile, read more about my experience at Japan Travel Guides Category of my blog.

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  1. I love the hospitality and the camaraderie of the Filipinos even abroad. At least bitbit nila kahit saan ang traits na yan. Yung mass sa wedding same ng satin?

  2. This post gave me an idea of how Filipinos celebrate events in Japan. The wedding may be simple but the food looks delicious! God-willing, makakatapak din ako sa Japan 🙂

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