Jjimjilbang Experience

This is my entry about my first Jjimjilbang Experience! I believe that it is one of the must-try activities when you visit Korea.


Jjimjilbang is a large public bathhouse in Korea. Showers, pools, massage tables, and hanjeungmak can be seen inside it. Hanjeungmak is a Korean traditional Sauna

How to use Jjimjilbang?

1. Go to the receptionist and pay the entrance fee. The receptionist will give you a key, and a pair of clothes (shirt and shorts).

2. Put your shoes in a locker. The locker number is indicated in the key.

3. Go to the changing room and take off your clothes! (Don’t worry it’s gender-segregated)

4. Take a shower before going to the pools.

5. Take a plunge to your desired pool. The pools have different temperatures.

6. You can go inside a Hanjeungmak to release a lot of sweat.

7. (OPTIONAL but RECOMMENDED) Ask a Sesin Eonni to give you a body scrub.

8. Take a shower before leaving the Jjimjilbang.

9. Wear the shirt and shorts provided before going to the resting room. Mats and pillows are available. You can also try the saunas in the resting room but it’s not gender-segregated.

10. After taking a nap, you can change into your casual clothes and surrender the key to the receptionist.

My Jjimjilbang Experience

  • It’s not my first time to try sauna. I already tried sauna in Philippines but I was wearing a bathing suit that time. In Jjimjilbang, everyone is naked! It’s my first time to see a lot of women naked. It’s liberating.
  • I highly recommend the Seshin or body scrub in Korea! It costs 20,000 won but it’s really worth the price. Here’s what I felt…
Jjimjilbang Experience
It was a bit painful yet relaxing at the same time. She even gave me a massage after.
Jjimjilbang Experience
The Ajumma did a good job! I got what I paid for.
Jjimjilbang Experience
I wore that bracelet/key inside the Jjimjilbang and nothing else.

It was a good experience for me. I’ll do it again next month. Follow my adventures on my Facebook Page or Instagram!

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