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I’m one of the unlucky women who experiences dysmenorrhea (cramping pain in the lower abdomen) every month. It’s the reason why I need to search for ointments to ease the pain. My biggest problem is that, ointments and liniments tend to emit a very strong unpleasant smell. Here in the Philippines, we usually associate it with the smell of grandparents because they are the ones who use those medicines.

Tired of smelling like your grandparents?

Kalyana PH is here to rescue you! Some people prefer to use soothing balms instead of taking medicines as their pain reliever and I’m one of them. I’m really glad that I found some soothing balms that don’t smell like grandparents. IYKWIM.

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Photo Taken at Stilts Calatagan Beach Resort


Kalyana is the Hindi and Nepali word for “wellness”. Their goal is to give you wellness by using their products.

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I only have few products left because I gave some to my brother who went to MMMA.

Kalyana was inspired by traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) “a body of natural” healing methods that dates back to 550 B.C. The owner believes that any individual can benefit from centuries-old healing and wellness practices.

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Ingredients: Zingiber officcinale, Curcuma longa, Capsicum annuum, Cocos nucifera, Cymbopogon, Vitamin E, Menthol & Beeswax

They started last February 2018, with the Kalyana Soothing Balms as their flagship product line. It’s very organic. In fact, their very first soothing balm (for muscle and joint pain) utilizes indigenous medicinal plants as its active ingredients.

Now, they have other other soothing balm variants and aromatherapy inhalers. I personally like the inhaler for stress relief and nasal congestion. I believe that they greatly contribute to my good night sleep.

Final Thoughts:

If you’re my reader for years, you’ll know that I try all the products I mention in my blog before using it. Let me give you three reasons why you should use it. First, it’s effective. It became my go to products whenever I experience any muscle pain or headache. Second, it’s organic. Every single ingredient they used is natural. Third, it’s affordable. The soothing balms costs P195 ($4), while the aromatherapy inhalers costs P95 ($2) only. What are you waiting for? Let’s support local brands!


Kitchie Victoria-Villanueva is the prime mover behind the Kalyana enterprise. She completed a program in aromatherapy, as well as the Philippine herbal medicine preparation course under the tutelage of former DOH Secretary, Dr. Jaime Galvez-Tan. Kitchie took her acupuncture schooling at La Consolacion College Manila Institute of Oriental Health and is a Philippine Institute of Traditional and Alternative Health Care (PITAHC)-accredited acupuncturist. She is also a practitioner of other traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) modalities, i.e., fire cupping, moxibustion, gua sha and qi gong.)

For inquiries:

You may check out their Facebook Page: Kalyana and Instagram: @kalyana.ph



  1. This sounds amazing! I sadly get a lot of pain in the abdomen every month and i would rather take soothing balms instead of medicines. I have never heard of Kalyana before but I love the sound of it, especially that it was inspired by traditional Chinese medicine that dates back to 550 B.C!! Thanks for sharing this, I am going to have to try it out!

  2. Personally, I have always been attracted to herbs and non-western methods of healing. I prefer to treat issues with homeopathic remedies first.

  3. This looks like a good product. We have been using tiger balm. I like the name Kalyana and would want to give it a try. Next time at a chemist, would definitely inquire about it.

  4. If you have a frequent pain and you can do without chemical medicines it’s great, a big victory. Me, the rare times I have pains, I prefer to use common medicines but maybe if I’d have to take them more often I would reach for the organic and non chemical ones

  5. I’ve read a lot about TCM recently and loved your post! Going to look into it a bit further!

  6. Oh wow I like! Aside from the fact that I don’t want to smell like my grandparents, the spiciness of the oils irritate my skin. I would like to try this because I like soothing smells. Where do I get them?

  7. Oh these would be so handy to have! I personally love the smell of tiger balm but I don’t like the other strong smelling ointments so this would be great for me if I need other things.


    1. Finally! Ive been searching for this kind of soothing balm! I usually get headaches due to my sight and its not very healthy to just take medicines immediately. Will definitely try this! Thanks for sharing!

  8. These look like really great products. I don’t often like to take medication unless I am desperate so these would be something to check out for sure.

  9. Oooh! I think this is perfect for me who’s conscious of taking generic medicines. I’m quite afraid of its result on my liver. I’ll definitely check the brand out!!

    1. I agree with you! Taking too much meds will affect our liver. Check them out, they deliver fast. 🙂

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