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As much as I love traveling, I also enjoy pampering myself in a spa. I think we all deserve a full body massage because of the stress we face at work or at school. I started going to spas when I was in Korea. I visit the Silloam sauna once or twice a month. It’s sad that I had to give up that hobby when I went back to Philippines because spas here are expensive. Just recently, I saw the advertisement of Marina Bay Spa & Lifestyle Club, they are offering some services like sauna, massage, and buffet for only 1,500 pesos ($28). That’s a great deal!

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How far will your 1,500 pesos go?

Upon arrival, we were given a consultation form. I think this is really essential especially for those with medical conditions. We were also asked about the type of massage we want to have. The receptionists are very courteous in dealing with us.

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After that, we were given the key to our lockers, shorts, a bathrobe, and a pair of slippers. The key is quite unique, you just have to tap it in the knob. Wait for the knob to lighten up and produce a sound before opening the locker. Another thing I like about the spa is that their toiletries are complete. They have shampoo, conditioner, liquid soap, deodorant, powder, and even cotton buds.

Side note: Don’t be surprised if a Korean lady strips everything in front of you. It’s really normal in Korean Saunas. Avoid taking pictures in the locker rooms.

We proceeded to the wet area. It has two pools: hot and cold bath spa, steam room, sauna, and hot stone spa (gaban’yoku). Cameras aren’t allowed there (so sorry huhu!). I just took one picture and brought my camera back to the locker. I really want you to see it so you will have an idea how it looks like inside.

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After the wet area comes the full body massage. There were three of us in one room. In reality, the lights are dim so I didn’t mind taking off all my clothes. There are three options for the massage: Marinara Signature Massage, Wellness Massage, and Sports Massage. I chose the wellness massage because they said it’s between soft to moderate pressure. I think it was too soft for me, I wish I chose the Marinara Signature Massage. Anyway, the massage therapists are very courteous too. They even offered some warm water and tea.

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The wellness never stops. The next step after the relaxing massage is the most awaited buffet! I opt to eat the salads because some of the containers are empty when I arrived at the Crystal Dining Buffet.

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Their meals are quite limited but I really enjoyed waiting for the Hakaw every time they refill the dim sum containers. I ate the congee and put a lot of toppings! Here are some of the food served in the salad corner:

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Every table can accommodate two to four people. Look at how the robe fits them well. I’m quite sad because the shorts and the slippers I got is way too big for me. I hope they have small sizes too.

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You may also have some tea time after the meal if you have extra budget.

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For those who don’t have budget, you may opt to spend some time in their relaxing lounge.

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Overall, I had a great time at Marina Bay Spa and Lifestyle Club. The price we paid is worth the services we received.

It was raining hard when we went there. I wasn’t able to see other facilities. Given the chance to go back, I’ll check out their fitness room, KTV room, gaming lounge, infinity pool, and sunset view deck. For services, I’d like to try their Marinara Signature Experience, Marinara Signature Reflexology, and the Slimming Mud Wrap.

Anyway if you want to experience their spa, you may contact them at 834-1888, 0977-831-2888, or 0920-976-8888.


There are numerous spa in Manila but if you want to visit a spa out of town, I highly recommend going to Luljetta’s Hanging Gardens & Spa in Antipolo. They offer sauna, heated jacuzzi, hydro-massage pool, infinity pools, and meditation lounges just for 1150 pesos!


  1. Wow! Marina’s too expensive compare to Wensha (Metrodeal). But looking at your pictures, WORTH IT!!! Looking forward to have a nice pampering experience too. ????

  2. That’s a great deal… I’m curious about the deo, hahaha. does it come in individual small pack? I couldn’t imagine deos being shared:-)

  3. Spa is something I’d need badly now! It looks like a great place to relax. I love the pictures you posted in this article. I’d like to visit this place one day! 🙂

  4. I love your review! I’ll definitely ask my boyfriend to go here with me when i visit the Metro! For P1500, can I customize what service to get? Is it limited to 3 only?

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