Westeroast Cafe

Winter is coming to Quezon City!

Westeroast Cafe, a Game of Thrones themed cafe, had their soft opening last month. They are going to have the grand opening on March 17, 2018. I’m so blessed to be one of their first customers before their grand opening.

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Meet my college friends from UPLB!

What to see in Westeroast?

Iron Throne

The Iron throne is located in the Great Hall of the Red Keep in the city of King’s Landing. Whomever sits upon the throne rules the seven kingdoms. Only the great ruler or the hand of the king may sit upon the throne.

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Hall of Faces

The Hall of Faces houses skinned faces of the dead, and is found in a great hall within the House of Black and White. The Faceless Men use the combination of magic spells and faces of the dead to create their different camouflages. Cleansed faces of corpses are skinned and hung to dry within the Hall of Faces.

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Game of Thrones Books and Board Games

They are not just for display. You can read the books. You may also ask the staff to teach you how to play the Game of Thrones board games!

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Red Wedding Pasta (159 pesos)

Lannisters send their regards.
It has meatballs in the rich tomato sauce and pasta. Not the usual Pinoy Style Spaghetti, it’s cream based and not too sweet. The noodles is good, it’s not mushy. The serving is generous!

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French Freys (119 pesos)

They serve it hot and crispy. I love the tiny bacon pieces on top of it.
This is super affordable! You get more than what you paid for. The serving size is for two to three people. Perfect for group meetings!
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Ramsay and SPAMountain (124 pesos)

Ramsay is a combination of Premium Corned Beef, Egg, and Rice. The corned beef tastes really gooooood!

SPAMountain is a combination of Spam, Egg, and Rice. Oh well, everything with spam is delicious!

I love how the eggs are cooked. it’s not oily and the egg yolk is perfect for my taste. I also like that they add a slice of tomato and cucumber on the side.

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Jon Snow and Daenerys (199 pesos)

Jon Snow is cookies and cream fusion topped with orea, malt, and chocolate sticks.
Daenerys is debauchery of thick salted caramel and vanilla topped with chocolate pretzels.
You may think it’s a bit pricey but it’s really worth it. It’s not too sweet. It’s perfect for me.

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These are three of the six owners of Westeroast Cafe. They are very hands on with the business. Sometimes they are cooking and even serving the meals to their customers.
If you don’t know how to play the GOT board game, they will help you.

It’s really inspiring to see millennials putting up their own business. One of the owners mentioned that it took them a year of planning (and saving!) to make Westeroast come to life.

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I took the MRT going to Quezon Avenue Station. Then, hired a taxi going to the Ministop in Maginhawa Street. From there, I walked towards Magiting Street. It can be easily seen because of the tarpaulin in front of the building.

Oh by the way, don’t be confused with the “Grill of Thrones”. It’s a restaurant selling grilled food. While Westeroast Cafe is a coffee shop with homey feels.

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Although the theme is Game of Thrones, I love how they kept the atmosphere light. This place is very conducive for studying or working. They have WIFI, many power outlets, and of course clean & serene ambiance.

The food and drinks satisfied me. I like that they offer rice meals despite being a coffee shop. If I go back there, I’ll order the Red Wedding Pasta and the French Freys again. In addition, the milkshakes are not only Instagrammable but also edible! I mean it’s not too sweet. It won’t give you diabetes!

Lastly, the service of the staff is superb. Everyone is approachable. They welcomed us warmly. The service doesn’t end at serving meals. They even offered to refill our glasses even without asking them. If the customers have any questions, they always answer in a friendly manner.

Westeroast Cafe really deserves 5 stars! Check out their Facebook Page!

Oh by the way, they are going to give 10% discount if you are following my Travel with Karla and Westeroast Cafe on Facebook! Simply present a screenshot of the two pages to show that you liked and followed our page.travel-with-karla-accommodation-review-3


  1. This is so cool! I love how friendly and approachable the staff was. I agree with you in saying the atmosphere was light compared to GoT. I prefer it that way as it is nostalgic while still being a nice cafe.

  2. This place is so cool, I’m a big fan of Games of Thrones so I’d enjoy going to this cafe for sure! Those shakes look amazing by the way, so jealous!

  3. I’m always on the lookout for quirky themed cafes, and the Westeraost Cafe is right up my alley as I’m a huge GoT fan! The whole cafe looks totally Insta-worthy! I’d love to sit on Iron Throne, too! Lol! Not to mention dig into those ice creams…yum!

  4. What a neat place and they put a lot of detail into making it! Those desserts look so good and the decor is sure creepy with the Hall of Faces that you can put your head in! I’m not into that show but I’m sure the fans would love this place!

  5. I’ve never actually read or watched a Game of Thrones novel or movie, so I guess I was not able to get some of the references you made. Nevertheless, themed cafes are definitely a dream come true for fans of books and shows as it feels as though the plot is coming to life. Interesting concept!

  6. Looks interesting. It must have been nice to sit on that Iron throne in the Great Hall. Since it’s the city of King’s Landing and only the ruler of seven kingdoms can sit there, this must have felt like one powerful chair, right! 🙂
    And would love to try that Jon Show. Oh my, it seems delicious! 😛

  7. That’s so interesting, especially for the Game of Thrones lovers! You have travelled a lot and I will continue following your blog to learn more about this kinda place 🙂
    Great blog, congrats !

  8. Congratulations on the opening! The masks are mesmerizing. The food looks delicious, especially the dessert! What a fun place! xo Evelyn, PathofPresence.com

    1. Oh wow, so interesting! That hall of faces, that’s crazy!! The food looks amazing also! What a fun trip!

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