Red Ginger, City of Dreams Manila

Every year, our boss goes to Philippines to have a meeting with us. Since our venue is located at one of the function halls of City of Dreams, the team decided to dine in at Red Ginger.

Red Ginger, City of Dreams Manila (2)

We made a reservation before we went there since there are many of us. They prepared a long table for the team.

Red Ginger, City of Dreams Manila (3)

The ambiance is unique for me. I even tried to pass between the spaces of those wood because it doesn’t have a glass LOL! Though it’s near the casino, I did not feel uncomfortable. The place is classy and serene.


Red Ginger serves South East Asian Cuisine. Since our boss is from US, we asked the staff to serve all their best sellers.

First, they served us Mixed Green Salad. It has cashew nuts, red onions, kesong puti, and coriander lime dressing. It tastes good! There’s enough dressing for the salad.

Red Ginger, City of Dreams Manila (4)

We also tried the spring rolls. What I like about this is that it is not too oily.

Red Ginger, City of Dreams Manila (5)

Don’t try the hot and sour seafood tamarind soup! It’s a trying hard Sinigang.

Red Ginger, City of Dreams Manila (6)

For the main course, we had Salmon Fillet with Red Curry and Thai Basil. It doesn’t taste bad but it doesn’t taste special. It’s a so so for me.

Red Ginger, City of Dreams Manila (7)

We also had some pasta. I forgot the name! OMG. This one tastes spicy but it’s tolerable. My colleagues mentioned that it’s very Thai.

Red Ginger, City of Dreams Manila (8)

The meat we ate is medium rare. I tried one strip but I can’t chew it well. Generally, I really have a hard time in eating meat because I have small teeth. LOL.

Red Ginger, City of Dreams Manila (9)

Our final course is this leche flan. This. is. super. sweet!!! After the seven courses, I forgot to take a picture of the other meal, we realized that we can’t eat the desserts. We just ate two to three teaspoons of it.

Red Ginger, City of Dreams Manila (1)

Being practical, I asked the staff if we can take it out. To our surprise, the staff gave us some paper bags and told us that we can bring home the dessert. Apparently, the jar is included in the price.


Going to Red Ginger made me realized that I’m not a big fan of South East Asian cuisine. The ambiance of the restaurant might be good but the price is too expensive for me.  I guess their target customers are the the casino players who can spend a big amount of money.

Upper Ground Floor, The Shops at the Boulevard, City of Dreams Manila
Aseana Boulevard corner Macapagal Avenue Brgy.Tambo, Paranaque City

Operating Hours
24 Hours

Contact Us at:
+632 800 8080 and +632 691 7783



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