How to Avoid Losing Eyeglasses

I’m in the point of my life where I google how to avoid losing my eyeglasses.

I started wearing glasses last June 2017. I bought glasses with a round frame. Unfortunately, I lost it in the church last December 2017. There were many people that time so I gave up on searching. I can’t believe it lasted for 6 months! I felt really sad because it’s my first eyeglasses and it’s expensive. I bought it for 5,000 pesos ($100).

I bought another eyeglasses last December 2017. This time, I bought a cheaper one. It’s only 2,000 pesos ($40) with free planner. I tried the rectangle frame this time. The last time I saw it is when we had bowling two weeks ago. My poor eyeglasses only lasted for a month.

As of the moment, I’m using my third and hopefully the last eyeglasses I have to buy this year. One of my goals this year is not to lose my eyeglasses. I tried to search for ways on how to keep it so I’m gonna share it with you.

How to avoid losing eyeglasses:

1. Have a permanent spot to store your glasses.

In the past months, I just place it anywhere. Sometimes, I place it beside my pillow before sleeping. Other times, I place it in my office table at home.

I have a habit of taking off my eyeglasses whenever people take photos of me. After taking the photo, I often forget where I place my eyeglasses. Check the picture below, that’s how careless I am!

2. Bring the case

The case is quite bulky so I’ll notice it right away. In addition, it will also help me protect my lenses from any scratches. I can also put my microfiber cloth in it. On the other hand, I can use the eyeglasses pocket of my backpack for that.

3. Use a lanyard

I’ve seen a lot of cute lanyards for eyeglasses in Pinterest. My only problem is that I can’t find a shop near my place. Do you know any online sellers of lanyards?

How to Avoid Losing Eyeglasses

Photo from Pinterest/Etsy

4. Use a tracking device

I’m surprised that this is a thing now. Here are the Bluetooth trackers I found online: Orbit, Findy, and Look. Buying these tracking device will be the worst case scenario for me. I hope I can take care of my eyeglasses on my own.

How to avoid losing eyeglasses (2).jpg

These are my eyeglasses. I hope that I won’t lose the third one!


I bought all my eyeglasses at Star Finder Optical at SM Dasmarinas. I hope they will give me a discount coupon or a membership card next time. HAHAHAHA!

Have you lost your eyeglasses? Can you share some more tips on how to avoid losing it?