How to Avoid Losing Eyeglasses

I’m in the point of my life where I google how to avoid losing my eyeglasses.

I started wearing glasses last June 2017. I bought glasses with a round frame. Unfortunately, I lost it in the church last December 2017. There were many people that time so I gave up on searching. I can’t believe it lasted for 6 months! To be honest, I felt really sad because they are my first eyeglasses and it’s expensive. I bought it for 5,000 pesos ($100).

How to Avoid Losing Eyeglasses
IELTS Experience

I bought another eyeglasses last December 2017. This time, I bought a cheaper one. It’s only 2,000 pesos ($40) with free planner. I tried the rectangle frame this time. The last time I saw it is when we had bowling two weeks ago. My poor eyeglasses only lasted for a month.

How to Avoid Losing Eyeglasses
Bowling in the Philippines

As of the moment, I’m using my third and hopefully the last eyeglasses I have to buy this year. One of my goals this year is not to lose my eyeglasses. I tried to search for ways on how to keep it so I’m gonna share it with you.

How to avoid losing eyeglasses:

1. Have a permanent spot to store your glasses.

In the past months, I just place it anywhere. Sometimes, I place it beside my pillow before sleeping. Other times, I place it in my office table at home.

I have a habit of taking off my eyeglasses whenever people take photos of me. After taking the photo, I often forget where I place my eyeglasses. Check the picture below, that’s how careless I am!

How to Avoid Losing Eyeglasses
Resort ni Karisa

2. Bring the case

The case is quite bulky so I’ll notice it right away. In addition, it will also help me protect my lenses from any scratches. I can also put my microfiber cloth in it. On the other hand, I can use the eyeglasses pocket of my backpack for that.

How to Avoid Losing Eyeglasses
My Travel Backpack for 2018

3. Use a lanyard

I’ve seen a lot of cute lanyards for eyeglasses in Pinterest. My only problem is that I can’t find a shop near my place. Do you know any online sellers of lanyards?

How to Avoid Losing Eyeglasses
Photo from Pinterest/Etsy

4. Use a tracking device

I’m surprised that this is a thing now. Here are the Bluetooth trackers I found online: Orbit, Findy, and Look. Buying these tracking device will be the worst case scenario for me. I hope I can take care of my eyeglasses on my own.

How to avoid losing eyeglasses (2).jpg
These are my eyeglasses. I hope that I won’t lose the third one!

All my eyeglasses are bought at Star Finder Optical at SM Dasmarinas. I hope they will give me a discount coupon or a membership card next time. HAHAHAHA!

Have you lost your eyeglasses? Can you share some more tips on how to avoid losing it?



  1. These are great tips, Karla! I only have to worry about losing sunglasses, but using your advice I will hopefully be able to make my current pair last longer than my record of 4 months!

  2. OMG this post made me giggle when I first saw the title! As a long-term eyeglasses wearer, I understand the pain of misplacing eyewear, but I’ve never quite lost them because my glasses are perched on my face 24/7, otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to see LOL Do you only need to wear glasses for reading or to see far? It seems the problem lies in that you take them off.

  3. Hi Karla, as a former person who used to lose everything! I totally agree with all your tips! I always try to put things in the same spot and make it a habit. That way I always know where they are and put them there instinctively! The glasses look great on you!

  4. Yay, that’s me! And my husband would sometimes see me with eyeglasses on still looking for my eyeglasses, lol! tsk tsk!

  5. This must be a challenge for you to deal with everyday. But it is funny in a weird way too lol. My sister has the similar problem and I wonder how can a person keep forgetting something that is literally a part of your body. Just like your glasses. ???? Good Luck!

  6. I guess I’m lucky in that I’m completely helpless without my glasses… so I never take them off unless I’m sleeping, swimming, or bathing. That said, I’ve broken a fair number of them… they’re so inconvenient! One of these days I’ll get around to getting LASIK 🙂

    Thanks for the tips!

  7. I am new in the field of blogging but had gone through some of your posts and found quite interesting and informative.
    Love from blogging brotherhood earnestly solicited as I am new and need to grow.

  8. My boyfriend and I have a similar problem haha, but not with glasses- wallets and phones! He’s investing in an expensive tracker wallet this year but I’ll stick to tips like this for now!

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