Resort ni Karisa

Last week, our company spent the weekend at Resort ni Karisa for a despidida party of two colleagues. We swam in the pool, sang some songs in their videoke, and played some games. We did a lot of fun activities.

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Resort ni Karisa is located at Park Merced, Los Banos, Laguna. It has a parking space that can accommodate four cars.

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Resort ni Karisa has three air-conditioned rooms. They claim that these rooms can accommodate 20 people. It can, but it will really be uncomfortable. 18 of us shared these three rooms. We tried to fit in three people in the queen size beds. Moreover, only one room has a bathroom. The people in other rooms have to go on the first floor to take a bath because there are times when there’s no water supply on the second floor. Don’t expect to see any tissue paper

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Cleanliness is one of the things I look forward in any accommodation. It may not be reflected on the pictures but I think that our sheets are not fresh from the laundry. I can tell it by the smell and the texture. It seems that they were used by the previous guests.

They are using the thinnest mattresses. Look closer in the bed at bedroom 2, it seems that the thin mattress is not the right size for the bed. In addition, they did not give us any blankets. Most of us used our towels and scarf instead. Aside from that, it irks me to see that some of the bed sheets and pillow cases don’t match. Isn’t that too much to have a presentable bedding for a business like this?

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I like that they only filled the pool with water when we arrived there. The water is clean and warm. There’s a pool for adults and children. Don’t mind the dirty old tables with cracks!

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Although I’m not sure if it’s working, I like the fact that they installed a CCTV. By the way, they don’t have WIFI.

What we liked about it is that we can use the kitchen for cooking. They have refrigerator and gas stove. We paid for the gas, and brought our rice cooker, pans, and other kitchen utensils.

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Their mess hall beside the swimming pool has a videoke! It’s spacious and suitable for group activities.

On another note, there’s a small convenience store there. I’ve noticed some outsiders buying while we are swimming. They watched our team while we are singing and swimming.  It was really uncomfortable.

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It’s been a while since I visited a resort in Los Banos, Laguna. I don’t know if I’m just meticulous but I’m really unsatisfied with Resort ni Karisa. Sorry Karisa!

Will I go back there?

Definitely not. While others are preparing breakfast, I checked out some resorts nearby. There are lots of better and cheaper resorts around Park Merced. We got this accommodation for 12,000 pesos (22 hrs). You can avail other resorts for as low as 8,000 pesos.


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  1. Been in Los Banos multiple times. I’ve been to super nice resort up to just a so-so resort. Depending on the budget. But what I always looking forward is the camaraderie. Kahit anong ganda ng place kung pasaway ang mga kasama waley din. Hehe just my cent. Nice review by the way.?

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