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There are only two reasons why family members from other countries come home to Philippines: Christmas or Funeral. Every Christmas Eve, it’s been our tradition to have a get together with my cousins every year. However, we only see our distant relatives during funerals. Last month, one of our relatives (sister-in-law of my grandfather) died that made all her children come home. All of us visited the wake. The good thing is that the head of our families decided to have a family reunion.

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If I’m not mistaken, my grandfather has 10 siblings. Some of them are now in heaven but we made sure that all families are represented well. We really have a big family!

As soon as we got the invitation, I searched about the location of the venue. There’s no website, Facebook Page, or any blog reviews. I hope this blog post will help the people who are planning to go there.

Cityhomes Resortville

Swimming Pools

They have two swimming pools: one for adults, one for children.

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Don’t ask me how many times my brother jumped just to capture that shot!
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The children’s pool has falls and slide!


The resort has a pavilion, convenience store, and some cottages.

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They have eight Nipa huts and four umbrella shaped cottage. The rental for a nipa hut is 300 pesos, while the umbrella cottage is just 100 pesos. All of them has its own light bulb and power outlet.


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  • Day Time: 8am to 5pm | Adult – 75 pesos | Child – 50 pesos
  • Night Time: 6pm to 10pm | 80 pesos | Minimum of 15 persons
  • Overnight: 6pm to 4am | 150 pesos | Minimum of 20 persons


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Here’s the Instagram-worthy spot in the resort!

The resort is located in the center of a residential place. It was originally created exclusively for the homeowners. Finally, it’s now open for public use.

Cityhomes Resortville is an underrated and affordable resort. In addition, it’s perfect for students who have a limited budget.

For inquiries, you may contact Babes: 09215728880


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  1. This looks like a great vacation spot for the entire family! The pool alone can satisfy the frolic within my children. ???????? Xo Evelyn, PathofPresence

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