Journey Through The Philippines

It’s more fun in the Philippines.

In my two years living in Korea, I’ve met a lot of travelers. Whenever I tell them that I’m from the Philippines, I can see the excitement on their face. They keep on telling me how beautiful my country is.

Ironically, I must admit that I explored more of Korea than Philippines. First, when I started working in the Philippines, my salary isn’t enough to afford the luxury of traveling. Second, it’s hard to travel around the Philippines because of the complex transportation. People have to ride a boat or an airplane to get to different parts of the Philippines unlike in Korea, I only took the very efficient subway and the bus.

Due to a lot of foreigner friends telling me how beautiful Philippines is, I’ve decided to go home and explore the Philippines! In the past months, I’ve visited Caramoan Islands, Albay, and Batangas.

Journey Through The Philippines

Just a week ago, I read a book called “Journey Through The Philippines”. It is beautifully written by Kiki Deere and published by Tuttle Publishing. The book has two parts: Introducing the Philippines & Exploring the Philippines.

Journey Through the Philippines (6)

The first part features the Filipino Culture. I love how the book showcases the Filipino food, Filipino artisans and artists, Filipino Feasts and Fiesta and of course, the wonders of nature.

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I hate to admit it but I haven’t been to almost all of the feasts illustrated in the book. I’m amazed that a foreigner explored the Philippines more than most of the locals did. Next year, I’ll make sure to witness some of the festivals mentioned in the book.

The second part illustrates the different places in the Philippines from Luzon to Mindanao. Although the heading of the book says “An Unforgettable Journey from Manila to Mindanao”, I prefer to use Luzon. Manila is just a part of Luzon which I’m a native of.
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As a visual learner, I really enjoyed the book. It has 250 stunning photographs from the Philippines! They’re are really enticing! It makes me wanna make an itinerary to explore the Philippines for a whole year.

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I believe that this book is a perfect piece for your living room/ receiving area. People won’t get tired of waiting for you while reading this really interesting book. It’s not only entertaining but also very informative. It has travel tips that is very useful for both locals and foreigners who want to explore the Philippines.

Product details

  • Hardcover: 112 pages
  • Publisher: Tuttle Publishing; Hardcover with Jacket edition (June 20, 2017)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0804846898
  • ISBN-13: 978-0804846899
  • Product Dimensions: 9 x 12 inches

You can buy this book at Tuttle Publishing or


  1. Great book to learn about and explore the Philippines. I read a lot about the country and still want to know more. Thanks for introducing the book to us,

  2. It is amazing to think that sometimes travelers have explored our countries more than we have but I agree with you that is a visually stunning outlook into journeying in the Philippines. I would love to go one day x

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