Weddings in the Philippines

According to Philippine Statistics Authority, the median age for Filipino brides is 26. Most of the brides marry at ages 20-24. For instance, my mom got married at the age of 22 while my aunt settled down at the age of 25. Some of my friends are getting engaged and having babies!

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I’m now 24 and I don’t feel any pressure right now (or not). Last month, I went to a wedding with my parents. During the wedding, a lot of family friends kept on asking me about my own wedding: Do I have a boyfriend? When am I going to settle? Are my parents ready? It’s annoying.

Here are my observations in Filipino Weddings:

1. Filipinos have a tradition called PAMAMANHIKAN.

It’s a marriage proposal for the bride’s parents. The groom and his parents will visit the house of the bride’s parents and ask for the hand of their daughter.

Some couples even do pamamanhikan with their godparents/sponsors.

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(Hi babe! Are you ready to meet my dad? LOL)

2. Filipinos splurge on their wedding.

According to an article from (The cost of wedding in the Philippines 2017), you need at least 300,000 pesos to have a simple, intimate wedding with 150 guests. Some people even spend millions for their wedding.

  • Marriage license application
  • Wedding Venue Rental
  • Catering services
  • Photo and Video Coverage and photobooth
  • Wedding attire of the couple… and the entourage!
  • Flowers, Lights and Sounds, etc.

Personally, I don’t want to invite a lot of people in my wedding. I want it to be a private one with immediate family members only. I’m thinking of having a destination wedding. I hope I can afford it! HAHA!

3. Filipinos take wedding venues seriously.

Philippines has a lot of stunning wedding venues. Most people get married in a church, some choose to tie a knot in a hotel or beach resorts, and others choose a private garden wedding. There’s a church named Calaruega in which couples are advised to book as early as a year before to assure its availability!

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4. Filipinos have a lot of ceremonial paraphernalia.

I think the whole ceremony takes at least two hours. Selected people from the family or friends usually bring the arrhae, the candles, the veils, the cord, and wedding rings. The more traditional the family, the more things they add in the wedding ritual.

When I was in Korea, I attended several weddings. Believe it or not, it only lasts for thirty minutes! I’m planning to adapt that kind of wedding.


Am I ready to get married?

I’m still praying for it. God will give me a sign or a go signal for that!

I don’t wanna get married because the society wants me to. I want to get married for the right reasons and to the right person.


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