Caramoan Itinerary

Caramoan Itinerary

The Bicol Region is composed of six provinces: Masbate, Catanduanes, Sorsogon, Albay, Camarines Norte, and Camarines Sur. Caramoan is located in Camarines Sur.

Even though I live in Cavite (Region IV), I have to admit that it’s my first time to visit the Bicol Region. I guess I didn’t have enough resources to finance my trip back then.

Since I live with my family here in Philippines, I decided to go on a family trip. Fortunately, I found Alexandria Travel & Tours. They organized everything from the accommodation, boat rentals, and itinerary. They only charged 5,000 per head for a 3D2N tour in Caramoan (with side trip to Albay).

Instead of spending three days in Caramoan, I opt to go around Albay in our third day. Here’s how we spent our two days in Caramoan:

Day 1

Bag-ing – Tinago – Cagbanilad – Pitogo

We traveled from 9pm to 9am. The 12-hour long drive made us feel so exhausted. We started the Island hopping after lunch.

Caramoan Itinerary (2).png
Bag-ing Island
Caramoan Itinerary (3).png
Tinago Island
  • What to see: It’s hidden. Char!
  • What to do: Buy some halo halo.
Caramoan Itinerary (6)
Cagbanilad Island
Caramoan Itinerary (7)
Pitogo Island

Day 2

Guinahoan – Cotivas – Manlawi – Bugtong – Sabitang Laya

Caramoan Itinerary (4)
We woke up at dawn to catch the sunrise.
Caramoan Itinerary (5)
Amazing view on top of the island after few minutes of hiking in Guinahoan Island
  • What to see: There’s a small lighthouse on top of Guinahoan Island
  • What to do: Hike! Buy some lobsters from the fishermen.
Caramoan Itinerary (1)
Drinking Coconut Juice at Cotivas Island
  • What to see: There’s a sandbar during low tide.
  • What to do: Drink some coconut juice. Rest and relax in the nipa huts
Caramoan Itinerary (9).png
Manlawi Island
  • What to see: Floating Nipa Huts
  • What to do: Buy some grilled seafood from the fishermen around
Caramoan Itinerary.png
Bugtong Island
  • What to see: Starfish!
  • What to do: Swim and take photos!
Caramoan Itinerary (8).png
Sabitang Laya Island
  • What to see: Caves and corals
  • What to do: Explore the caves. Snorkeling!

On the third day, we left Caramoan at 5am to have a day tour in Albay. I’ll make another blog post for our Albay Adventure!


I would like to thank Alexandria Travel and Tours for arranging this trip. They are very friendly and flexible. The van provided is very comfortable. It also comes with a videoke! I like how they organized everything for us. I had a worry free travel!

If you’re looking for a cheap and nice accommodation, I highly recommend Caramoan Rockwood Inn. It’s clean and cozy. The reason why I highly recommend it is because they serve super delicious food! In my three days stay there, I was always satisfied with their meals. I must say that you’ll get what you paid

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  1. […] Caramoan Islands is a paradise located at the far eastern end of Camarines Sur. It is well known for its pristine beach, powdery-white sands, aquamarine waters, and stunning limestone formations. Unlike other tourist spots, the islands of  Caramoan remained a virgin. It’s not highly commercialized, spoiled, and exploited. The only shops I saw beside the shore are the ones who are selling buko juice, and halohalo. There are also fishermen who sell lobsters and other grilled seafood. It became quite famous when a reality show called “Survivor”, filmed in some islands there. […]

  2. […] I’ve decided to go home and explore the Philippines! In the past months, I’ve visited Caramoan Islands, Albay, and […]

  3. […] been three months since I last visited a beach. The last time I sunbathed is when I visited Caramoan Islands. I was really thrilled when my colleagues invited me to join their trip to Laiya, […]

  4. I really enjoyed reading this blog! You are an ambassador to Philipino tourism! I also visited Bicol, when I was there two years ago, and specifically, Albay! I can’t wait to see your new post about your tour there. I relive my memories through your photos! Looking at your photos, I just want to return. I really like the picture of you with all your family posing on the beach.^^ Nice job, Karla 😀

  5. Seems like you saw a ton! You could also turn all of those images into postcards. What an awesome trip they planned out for you.

  6. Rocio Cadena says: Reply

    This trip looks great Karla! I know how that works, that sometimes you’ve explored a lot more of other countries than your own motherland. That’s how I feel about Mexico, but soon enough! What was your fave thing about this trip?

  7. The floating nipa huts are such a unique facet of this destination. I always love to see how people adapt to their environment. And great recommendation about buying from the local fishermen! Not only is the food so incredibly fresh, but you also directly support the local economy!

  8. I love those floating nipa huts! that’s so thoughtful of the travel company to have videoke on your van otherwise 12 hours is… 12 hours!!!! beautiful photos, Karla! I’m missing the Philippine beaches now.

  9. Wow, I’ve never heard of Caramoan before! I visited Boracay, Bohol ans El Nido when I went but I’d love to get off the beaten path next time and explore smaller islands. That tour company sounds great!

  10. I’ve only been to Boracay and Manila in Philippines and definitely want to get back to explore more of the country. It really is spoiled with amazing islands and beautiful water. Will add this place to my list of possible destinations! 🙂

  11. Wow caramoan! I havent been here but always in my lisr! Beautiful photos!

  12. I m quite obsessed with lighthouses and would love to visit the lighthouse on top of Guinahoan Island and also explore the floating huts. Very beautiful pictures from the trip and a very neat and comprehensive post 🙂

  13. swatisinha09 says: Reply

    Such a great place to spend time with family and friends. Philippines sure has so many beautiful places that I would love to explore. Thanks for sharing

  14. Travel tips says: Reply

    Philippines seemed always a great country which really deserves a lot. Love your photos

  15. Beautiful photos! Awesome that you were able to do a family vacation but have the tour company plan everything, takes a lot of the pressure off of planning the trip I bet!

  16. Sandy N Vyjay says: Reply

    Caramoan looks absolutely ravishing. A great place to head with family and have some great time together. Another gem from the seemingly inexhaustible treasure trove that is the Philippines.

  17. The Philippines look so amazingly beautiful! I have yet to go there, but your many posts about the country make my decision easier and easier. I love seeing families out and about travelling together. I never realized the country had so many different places to go and seek out. And it looks really isolated too!

  18. Nice Karla, I planned to visit Caramoan before pero di natuloy. I hope I can visit this place soon by next summer. A backpacking would do I think starting from Camarines Norte going south to Matnog, Sorsogon would be a wonderful adventure. 🙂

  19. Nice post! It seems like you have had a great experience! I didn’t realize there were so many starfish in the area!

  20. such natural beauty in all of your photos. what a magical trip to take with your family. It looks very hidden and off the beaten track which I love in a good travel destination.

  21. Oh my word! These islands have such an outstanding natural beauty. The beaches look like heaven and just the type of sandI love!

  22. I love your photo in Caramoan from the Guinahoan Island hill top! Looks like a peaceful and beautiful beach.

  23. Wow as in wow!! I live in Albay but i never see caramoan ever since only on tv and before i told to my self one day i will get there…hmmmf! Thanks for the information and recommendation Karla sooner or later i will see the beautiful island of Caramoan!
    Sayang nasa malapit na sana kau nagpunta sana kayong Sto.Domingo Albay which i can recommend also the very Cold as coldest nature swimming pool you will never regret at Barrios Kids Pool😂 3ft 5ft 7ft pool and i found out that theres a new kiddie pool for infants haha (wala lang na kwento ko lang) we usually celebrated my childrens birthday in Barrios Kid Pool..Have a lots of PH Adventure Karla always take care God bless

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