How to Claim Parcel at Dasmarinas Post Office

In this post, I’ll show you how to claim parcel at Dasmarinas Post Office. This blog will help you know what do when you receive a registry notice.

As a blogger, I often receive products for reviews. Most of the time, these products are delivered in my doorsteps. On this occasion, I received some registry notice.

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Form 1525 or registry notice, is usually sent by a local post office to a particular person (addressee) to inform him that he has a package that he must claim personally.

How to go to Dasmarinas Post Office?

From Robinsons Place Dasmarinas, you may take a bus going to Manila, or a Jeepney going to Waltermart. Get off at Metrobank across Dano Street. Then, take a tricycle or just walk towards the Public Market.

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When you see the “Rising Sun Poultry Supply”, turn right and then you’ll see the PHLPOST Post Office.
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How to Claim the Parcel?

Inside the Post Office, go to Window 1. Present the registry notice, and your valid ID’s. You have to pay for the handling fee: P112 for small packets and parcels, P129 for M-bag.

How to Claim Parcel at Dasmarinas Post Office

After minutes of waiting, I finally got my parcels! The first box is from United Kingdom, and the second one is from South Korea. My next blog posts will be about the items I received: Brazzi Sun Bra from UK, and Cosmetic Love items from SK.

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I asked the staff why the parcels ended up in Philippine Post Office. Then, I told her that I already received books and bags from other countries which are delivered directly in our house. I paid P560 for FedEx “handling fee”.  Apparently, International packages are delivered to the Philippine Post Office and not to your address so these can be checked by the Philippine Customs.

The staff mentioned that if the sender chose the Express Mail Service (EMS) which is more expensive, the items might be delivered faster and directly to my house.

Other Services:

If you want to have another valid ID, you may apply for a postal ID.

Here are the requirements:

  1. Original Birth Certificate
  2. Barangay Clearance/Certificate or Proof of Billing
  3. Marriage Contract (if married of course)
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Bills Payment and Collection Services

It’s a one stop shop payment service where you can settle your payments for Utility, Credit Card, Insurance, Tickets, Government Services, and even PhilHealth contributions.

Retail Services

They sell different kinds of stamps that may be used for snail mail or for collection.


PhlPost offices are open from Mondays to Fridays (9:00 AM to 5:00 PM). They are close during weekends, regular holidays, and special non-working days.



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