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After a month of staying in Philippines, our pastor invited me to deliver a message for the youth members in the church. He said that most of them are looking forward to listen about my journey in Korea and the life of Travel with Karla. He wants me to inspire the youth to serve God. I didn’t think twice because it’s a good opportunity to share God’s word.

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This was written originally for the Youth Worship Night at Palapala United Methodist Church. I just used bullets as my guide in delivering the message but I’ll try my best to write everything I said there.

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This post is not about Travel with Karla. It’s about How to Travel with God.

Let me share you my life verse:

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How to be you? How do you Travel with God?

I’ve been asked countless times on how to be me. It’s hilarious! I really don’t know how to answer that question. What I want to share is how I travel with God.

First, Trust in the Lord.

We must trust him with all our heart. This means that we have to completely trust him. Trust him with all your heart, mind, and soul!

When we travel, we prepare all the things that we need. We prepare our bags, itineraries, and of course our mind and our heart. How’s your heart today? Are you prepared to travel with God?

For me, trusting God means obeying him. When he calls us, we should go.

Two years ago, I was teaching in an international school in Cavite. I’m happy to work there. I love teaching my students and hanging out with my co-workers. Suddenly, a pastor asked me if I want to teach in Korea. It’s unexpected. I’m not even looking for a job. I replied, “If it is God’s plan for me, I will go.”

Maybe God is also calling you to be a part of his ministry. Trust him and obey his commands. In the Korean church where I worked, all the members have their own ministry in the church.  There are various ways on how to help in the church. You can use your talent in singing, dancing, and playing instruments for the Praise & Worship. You may use your skills in teaching children. You may prepare meals for the Sunday school. And if you have time, you may also clean the equipment in the church.

I know trusting is not easy. Everyone has his own difficulties in life. Some of you are having problems with your family, love life, school, work, finances, and many more. But we have to trust in the Lord and believe that he has a reason why you are facing those situations. God will never give you a problem you can’t hand. Our God is bigger than our problems.

Second, Lean not.

We must lean not on our own understanding.  Do not be arrogant.

The Lord said, “If anyone wishes to come after me, he must deny himself, and take up his cross daily and follow me” (Luke 9:23)

In our generation, we millennials are labeled as narcissistic. When we achieve something, we post it right away. When we do a little kindness, we broadcast it in our social media accounts. Isn’t it better if we give the glory to God instead of ourselves?

The Lord wants us to do things for his glory. He wants us to rely on him because we are nothing compared to him. Let’s not make any decision without asking for his guidance. Whenever people ask me about my future plans, my answer has always been “Thy will be done.”

Few years ago, after I graduated from college, I had my heart broken. I was really sad that time so I made myself so busy. I enrolled in another university for my second degree. I also signed up in some church programs like Bible Study Methods and Care Group Dynamic classes. I made sure that I have no time to be sad.

After some years,  I got the job offer from Korea. They want to hire a licensed teacher, and someone who studied in a bible school. By that time, I already finished studying for my second degree which is Education as well as the classes in the church. I have a license and some certificates which I didn’t think will help me in the future. As soon as I got the offer, I immediately prepared all the requirements.  I didn’t have a hard time complying with the requirements. It made me realized that God really put me in a bad situation for a reason.

“And we know that in all things, God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” Romans 8:28

God has the best plan for us. If we submit ourselves to him, and rely on his ways, all things will work out well.

Third, Acknowledge him.

We are called to acknowledge God in all our ways. When we achieve something, we should not take the full credit on it.

Christians do things for God’s glory. We don’t sing in front to brag about our voices. We don’t go to church to show off our new clothes. We don’t help people to be famous in social media.

I can’t survive in Korea without God’s guidance. First, I went to a foreign country without knowing anyone there. I was the only foreigner in my workplace. It took me months before I was able to connect with some Filipinos. Second, I had some problems with the language. I can’t even speak Korean that time. Annyeong haseyo is the only Korean phrase I know.  Third, I lived alone. This means I have to take care of myself. I needed to do my laundry, cook my food, and clean the house. I must admit that it was a challenge for me. God became my guide all throughout my journey in Korea.

I did not make my blog to brag about all the places I’ve visited. I created it to show how great is our God for making all these beautiful places. I’m not here because Pastor Homer invited me, I’m here to acknowledge God. I want to be a living testimony to show how great is our God to those who are faithful to him.

Lastly, be prepared to experience the straight paths.

There’s a reward for trusting God: He will make your paths straight. When we travel with God, he brings us in the best road possible.

Our life is a journey. We travel everyday. Are we traveling with God? We must use God’s perspective in everything we do. Will God be pleased when I do this?

Let me share you one last story. Recently, I applied for some jobs here in Philippines. I printed out my one page resume and submit it to the employers. One of them is an international learning center, and the other is a big company owned by a Korean. I was interviewed by both of them and they both wanted me to start on a Monday. I felt so torn!

It was Saturday when I got another job offer. I prayed and asked for God’s guidance. I have decided to withdraw my applications in the previous companies I mentioned and proceeded to the interview with this company. After the interview, I realized that the blessings I will receive in this company is bigger than those in the two companies combined. God really works in mysterious ways.

Are you ready to experience the straight paths with God?

Travel with God. Trust in him. Lean not on your own understanding. Acknowledge him.


  1. Hi! I wasn’t really the religious type but I had faith to God. It was only last 2019 where my family and I went to a retreat. It wasn’t forced by the school or someone else. We just decided that we wanted to that for the Holy week of 2019. I thought it was going to be boring tbh but boy, I was wrong. The retreat made me feel calm. It made me trust the Lord, like what you’ve mentioned here. I’m not yet consistent with my prayers and meditations because I could get busy at times. I know it’s not an excuse. (I’m sorry God ?) But I’m trying my hardest to devote time for him. It always makes me feel calm especially whenever I get anxious.

    I truly enjoyed reading this post. It made me remember of the time when I started to find true comfort in Him.

    So thank you! I hope more young ones will be encouraged to devote themselves or at least try to for God.

  2. Hello Karla. I’m randomly browsing the internet when I saw this blog post of yours. Knowing that there are bloggers and influencers share boldly their relationship with God inspires me. Keep on doing it! ????

  3. Hello, Karla! It’s good to have read this in the morning. This, apart from your travel posts, is the most inspiring post I’ve read from your blog. Indeed, To God Be the Glory!

    Are you going to stay here for good or you’re still going back to Korea? Anyway, good luck on your new job! ? God bless you more!

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