AP24 Toothpaste Review

Most travelers are frugal. They try to use their resources responsibly. Most of them only spend for necessity, not luxury.  Taking care of the teeth is a necessity. Unlike our bones, teeth do not have the ability to self repair. Once our adult teeth come in, we do not get a second chance to take care of them and to keep them healthy.

In my two years in Korea, I have to admit that I was not able to visit any dental clinic because of the language barrier. Whenever I have a vacation in Philippines, I make sure to set an appointment with our family dentist to have my teeth checked up, cleaned, and whitened.

Few weeks ago, I visited our family dentist. I saw a lot of improvements in their facilities, and equipment. However, I was surprised that the cleaning fee is now five hundred pesos. I believe that it’s quite a fortune for some Filipinos. To add up, the fluoride treatment is more expensive that’s why I chose to not have it since my budget is limited.

I searched for an alternative. This lead me to Ap24. While having lunch with a friend, he showed me the “before and after picture” of his teeth. I was surprised when he told me that he only used Ap24 to whiten his teeth. I’m not really familiar with that product but his testimony is interesting to me. Without thinking twice, I asked him to give me a tube of toothpaste.

I was so excited I even posted it in my Facebook. That’s how my teeth look like after using it once.

AP24 Toothpaste Review.jpg
AP24 Toothpaste Review

It’s surprising that a lot of my Facebook friends also like to have one. After three days, my high school friend sent me a private message to clarify if I’m just advertising the product or using it. I sent her this picture to show how my teeth look like after three days of using the toothpaste.

AP24 Toothpaste Review (2)
AP24 Toothpaste Review

This toothpaste is a great find. It has no bleaches, and no peroxide. It’s safe for everyone including babies, and pregnant women. I love that it’s great for sensitive teeth and for removing coffee stains. It’s cheaper than other teeth whitening products.

Ap24 is not out in the supermarkets but you may order it from me. If you’re located outside the Philippines, you may create an account in NUSkin.com and use this code: PH0065243.

Have you experienced any teeth whitening products? Will you try using Ap24 toothpaste? Let me know what’s on your mind by writing them in the comments.


  1. I couldn’t agree with you more! Keeping my teeth clean is one of my main priorities and I always make a concerted effort to keep them sparkling white. I too was in the same boat: I never saw a dentist whilst in Korea and in Vietnam, I saw a “dentist” and while the cleaning was cheap, it was nowhere as thorough as the ones done in the USA! I just had my first dental appointment after years of being abroad and it felt so good to have clean teeth, but if ever, now there’s a toothpaste for me to make sure that I keep my sanitary standards up to par while I’m on the road!

  2. I’m always reluctant of whitening pastes or gels, since many of them weaken the enamel while doing its job, making your teeth more sensitive. I’m currently trying activated charcoal powder even though my dentist thinks I don’t need any additional whitening. But you know how girls are – always looking for improvement. Good luck with your small business hustle.

  3. Hummm… I’m just about to book an appointment with a dentist here in Korea for cleaning, and i’m considering a whitening treatment for the first time. I’m curious about the ingredients in your AP24 product…

  4. I have stopped smoking for several years now but I still have smokers teeth. I would love to try this and see if it works. Ap24 in Lazada is higher than P380 so yours is cheaper. 🙂

  5. Wow!! I’m surprised btw to see toothpaste here, but it’s really important as well when traveling! Yes, your teeth got whiter btw! Effective!

  6. Good to see that you’re very satisfied with the toothpaste. Good luck on your new “endorsement”:-)

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