Felson & Sheena: The Gospel Recording Artists

I recently updated the playlist for my early morning motivations. While searching on Spotify, I came across a song called “Hold On.” I fell in love with the music and lyrics. Apparently, it’s a song by Felson and Sheena. I’d love to tell you more about these Filipino Gospel Recording Artists.

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Felson & Sheena

Felson & Sheena are siblings. Both of them started their singing career at a young age. Felson started singing in front of the crowd at the age of  12 while Sheena joined the church choir at the age of 10.

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Both of them are active members of the church. Felson is a worship and youth leader in South Pasadena Christian Church. He’s a resident artist and music director of The Upper Room Ministry a Christian Coffee Shop in Mission Viejo Orange County in California USA. In the Philippines, Sheena is a Worship leader in the church too. She conducts workshops in different churches to encourage them the true meaning of Worship and be able to write songs based on the truth. They are using their music to evangelize.


Who are their inspirations?

Felson used to listen to many James Ingram and Brian Mcknight songs. When he became a Christian, he started listening to Hillsong, Katinas, Israel, and New Breed. On the other hand, Sheena gets inspiration from her favorite singers, Whitney Houston and Celine Dion. For Gospel music, she loves listening to Sandi Patty, Yolanda Adams, Israel Houghton, Hillsong and Kari Jobe.


Felson Palad was a Biology Instructor in DLSUD. He graduated college because of a scholarship in Biology. He got his scholarship in exchange for singing for the school and portraying the life story of Saint John Baptist De La Salle. In 2002, he met some friends who taught him more about Jesus Christ. He got converted from Catholic to Born Again Christian. That’s the start of his mission to sing and lead worships. He sang in different churches and even concerts!

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Felson have been singing in various Barangay Singing Contests, but he never won the first prize. He also joined Pinoy Idol and landed in the top 45 of the contest. He got his big break during college. He got the lead role for a musical play called “All for the Love of Thee” – the Saint John Baptist De La Salle Life Story. He then became a worship leader at Church of God Dasmarinas. He wrote several songs for “Bigger and Better” and “Underpass”. In 2017, he directed “Music for Life with One Walked Band”, a gospel concert of Regine Velasquez, Ogie Alcasid, and Jaya.


Sheena Palad is a model and a performer in the Philippines. Sheena is a multi-medalist of World Championship of Performing Arts held at Long Beach, California. She’s also an Ambassador of Performing Arts for Department of Tourism.  She travels to promote the Philippine Tourism in different events like Travel Expo and private meetings with investors.

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Life of a Gospel Recording Artists

In the interview, I asked them about the most interesting parts of their career and their most unforgettable experience as an artist. For Felson, the most interesting part is that they get to travel and see different cultures. He feels that the Holy Spirit moves and uses him as an instrument of speaking to the people of God. For Sheena, the most interesting part is to be able to learn from different Christians about their journey in faith and obedience, and to be able to write songs from them. These experiences let them grow and inspire them to sing new songs for he Lord.

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Both of them agrees that the most unforgettable experience in their career is to see people raising hands as they worship and sing the songs they have written. “You get to realize all the more that you are just a vessel and the song that flows through are not your own but the work of the Holy Spirit. People cry out and say Abba!”, said Felson.


Being a gospel recording artist is not always rainbows and butterflies. According to them, radio stations are not so welcoming about their music since it has that churchy feel. Another challenge is that some people, especially churches, don’t give them payments or any love gift when they invite them.

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“I just want to remind the Christian community that yes, workers of the Lord are entitled of their wages. The Levites (old testament temple ministers) get to share the meat of the altar. We are not broke. We have enough from God. Yes, I think that’s one of the many miracles we have, that the Lord himself feeds and meet our needs all the time.” (Felson)

“Sometimes our brethren overlook our human needs like food and transportation. We also get abused and gets a lot of demands. They think that everything is for free. We also know the Lord gave us this gift for free, and He also gave us the capacity to work and toil the ground for food.” (Sheena)

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Future Plans

“The word says, that the word of the Lord is the lamp upon our feet. It means that the light that is given to us individually only covers where our foot would next stepped in. The horizon cannot be perceived and planned – that is the reality of our faith, except for the victory in Christ that is most certain. We believe that the mission that is given to us, depends on the season that God wants us to be. Well, I love planning. Honestly, what my heart’s desire is to write more songs that Filipino and Filipino-English Speaking communities could sing to and would be able to worship. We are currently recording and writing more songs for the next full album.” (Felson)

“I would like to pursue music more that’s why I decided to study and go back here in the Philippines to study Music Production. I would love to record and write songs for the Lord and publish it and be able to produce more worship songs that Filipinos can totally relate and worship.” (Sheena)

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Message for Aspiring Gospel Recording Artists

Felson: Becoming a gospel recording artist is not something same as the lime light singers or the main stream. We live by faith and that those who want to be gospel singers, should not dream of becoming popular. It is a calling that you need to count the cost of following Christ in what He purpose you to be.

Sheena: My advice would be, prepare your heart. like what my brother said it’s not getting a profit from it but to be able to relay the message to the people about the gift of salvation that God gave to us. Being a Gospel Singer is a calling not a choice.

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In the Palm of His Hands

In the Palm of His Hands is the first album of Felson & Sheena. It contains gospel and inspirational music. It has five tracks: two Filipino Songs and 3 English Songs. They have three original compositions: Abot Kamay, Hold on (with Saxophonist Ner De Leon), and Muli. In addition, they have two cover songs from a well known gospel artists like Sandi Patty (“Sandi Patty Medley”) and the famous composer David Poster (“The Prayer”)

The album aims to inspire people especially Filipinos not to lose hope and cling to the promises of the Lord. It is only by knowing Christ’s love that we will have the strength to move forward on anything in the world. Through the original and cover songs, you will be able to reflect, be inspired and be encouraged all for His glory.

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“Hold On is my favorite song, I have had many hurts in the Church and people but those were the words that God reminded my that walk in Christ is never about people and always depend on the word of God. He always reminds me that His Body is His bride that no matter what it does, He love for His bride will never change and I am included and part of that body.” (Felson)

“All of the songs are really close to our hearts but Hold On is the top of my favorites. It delivers the main message of our Album. The Living Hope that in Him there is peace that comes from Him alone and we have an assurance that our future is already in His hands.” (Sheena)

Check out their songs on Spotify

Traveling through Music

As Gospel Recording Artists, Felson and Sheena got the chance to travel to various countries. Here are their stories:

Felson: I and my sister have visited a number of countries but never explored much like China and Japan. But I think Sheena would also agree that our favorite is Israel. We have explored and have experience the country “The Holy Land” through the unmerited favor of God. He used Behold Israel Organization to give us an experience of a lifetime. It is so beautiful and have walked were Jesus Christ our Savior did.

Sheena: I sang in China and Korea to promote the tourism of the Philippines and like what my brother said, Israel is our favorite. The best place on earth. Like many Christians they always say that Israel is the happiest place on earth for Christians. To be able to lead worship in places where He performed his miracles and walk where Jesus walked is an honor and a privilege.

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What are their dream destinations?

Felson: I dream to be in Palawan, I heard amazing stories from my friends who work there and have been telling me that it’s a paradise. It’s so sad on my part that I have had tour in other countries but haven’t been on my own. I would also love to be in Rome to know more about biblical histories. But still Israel is my favorite destination. Sorry, but I do love our country the Philippines.

Sheena: I dream to be in Greece and Rome, I just want a follow up from my Israel tour actually. It’s my dream to go where the Gospel started. Israel will be the dream destination but Greece and Rome will be the best follow up from what we learned in Israel.

Travel with Karla

For bookings and more details, you may contact them in their social media accounts:

Travel with Karla

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