Rendel Lotino: The Caricaturist

I love caricatures! In fact, it’s one of the things I collect while traveling. I recently met an artist who makes caricatures for a living. I invited him to my bloggers party last year. His name is Rendel Lotino. He’s a professional caricaturist.

Rendel Lotino: The Caricaturist

Journey as a Caricaturist

Rendel Lotino started drawing since he was a grade school student. He drew all kinds of cartoon drawings. He mentioned that Dragon Ball Z is his favorite anime that time so he often draw the characters. After some time, he joined different art contests held in various schools and levels. He represented his school for poster making, logo making, slogan making contests and many more contests that showcase arts.

Rendel Lotino The Caricaturist 1

It’s (Live Caricature) is my passion, my life, and this helps my family more than my previous jobs. And one more thing, I chose to be doing this as a living because it gives me more time to spend and bond with my family.

Rendel Lotino
Rendel and his daughter


“There are lots of artists that influenced me in my whole artist life. I want to start by mentioning my coaches in different levels during Elementary and High School. They teach me how to represent, mold and pursue my talent and hobby. My International friend and artist Mr. Zimou Tan for keeping in touch and for sharing some of his knowledge.  Proko, Caezar Santos and Andrew Tischler, their Youtube Channel made my art style a lot more in progress. My colleagues Felix Cruz, Ben, Kim, Marvz, Otep and Co., Ayla, Poor, Justine and ASF Family, and all my artist friends, I’ve learned a lot from them.”


Rendel Lotino won the 6th place in the National School Press Conference when he was a High School student. He can never forget that moment when he saw a big banner in front of their school gate with his name on it! In addition, he was awarded on as an Artist of the Year. He got featured and interviewed by ABS-CBN Global together with the works of Mr. Mars Ravelo, such as “Darna”, “Captain Barbel”, “Lastikman” and etc. Now, he’s the official in-house artist of Uniball Philippines.

On this very moment, I am challenging myself to level up thru practicing and to do sculpting, too, since I know how to paint and draw with different mediums into tissue to paper to canvas and walls.

Traveling as an Artist

Rendel plans to travel around the world by means of Live Drawing Caricature and more satisfied clients.

According to him, the most exciting part being as a Live Caricaturist, because you are entitled to an Out of Town Gig and big events places from different places such as Laguna, Cavite, Tagaytay, Manila, Bulacan, Pampanga and etc. This year, he will go to La Union and Palawan for a wedding.

Travel with Karla

Here’s a caricature of me and my boyfriend. We haven’t met each other for four years now. He lives in the US and I’m in the Philippines. We may be miles apart but we are in each others heart. This caricature made me feel that we are together. It really meant a lot to me. Thank you Sir Rendel Lotino!

Rendel Lotino: The Caricaturist

If you want to hire him, you can connect with him using his social media accounts:

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  1. That is amazing! I have always loved caricatures, they are so fun and he is really talented! His works looks really cool!

  2. This guy’s got real talent! It would be nice to have a caricature of me depicting the many (many!) tasks I do daily. Maybe he’d need to draw a thousand arms on me. Haha.

  3. I would love to do another Caricature, but this time with my kids! (I don’t have one with them) it’s been a while since my last time having a Caricaturist draw a pic with me in it… what a fun thing to collect!
    Great work you’ve shared, wish I had that talent!

  4. His caricatures are so interesting and incredibly artistic. I could agree with the artist that it is awesome to travel and move around especially for his craft!

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      Hope my story motivates and made you believe that passion is truly unbelievably great with action
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