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Multicultural Family Music Broadcasting is owned by Woongjin Foundation. This foundation aims to make our society a better place.

Woongjin Foundation is committed to supporting the underprivileged in our society with a creative approach that generates practical welfare benefits. They provide different programs to help and support people: Multicultural Society Support Programs, Youth Scholarships, and Welfare programs for Children with rare and difficult to cure diseases.

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Travel with Karla and DJ Gennie Kim

I’m really thankful that DJ Gennie Kim from Multicultural Family Music Broadcasting invited me for a short interview before few days before I left Korea. It’s an honor to be a guest in her radio program.

We recorded some clips for her radio program, and then went live in their Facebook Page, Damunhwa Korea.  You may watch our videos here: Meet & Greet Travel with Karla, and Exploring Myeongdong.

There you’ll learn about how I got my job in Korea. I also talked about how I managed to travel around, and how to be me (kidding!). Please make time to watch our video and leave some comments here. I’ll be happy to answer them one by one.

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Check out her Facebook Page: Pinoy Broadcast in South Korea


I’m happy that there’s a radio program specifically for Filipinos living in Korea. It’s not only for those with Korean spouses and children, but also to those OFW’s working in Korea.

It feels good to hear Filipino music, news, and information about the Philippines and Korea. I often listen to their broadcast while working. I must say that it’s informative, educational, and entertaining.

They invite Filipinos in Korea with interesting stories to share. I’m really honored to be one of their guests.


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  1. That’s pretty cool that you got to contribute to your much loved radio show out here. It’s important to have a good support network while living in a foreign country, but I hadn’t even thought about a radio network! I should look for British and Spanish radio stations out here.^^

  2. Congratulations Karla! I’m sure it was such an honor, did you get to record or hear your own broadcast.? It’s always funny to hear our personal voices… I do test voice recording for my university and always can’t help but giggle listening to it.

  3. Cool idea. It’s good to see Korean media branching out to include other expat populations. I expect to accelerate in the future as Korean slowly becomes more ethnically diverse.

  4. This is great. To have a source of not only entertainment but for news and just a bit of home is awesome. Hopefully more people follow suit and everyone can have a taste of home in Korea no matter where they are from. I know I’m lucky that there are so many american resources out and about.

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