Philam Life Financial Literacy

Philam Life Financial Literacy enables Filipinos to know the value of saving for future needs.

I got an invitation to attend this event the day after I arrived Philippines. I would like to thank Mrs. Nene Jardiniano, the godmother of my parents, for inviting me in this interesting event.

Philam Life Financial Literacy
Dinner at Max’s Restaurant

It’s been a while since I attended a forum. Philam Life chose the perfect venue. The event was held in Max’s Restaurant in Salitran, Cavite. It’s easy to find because it can be seen along the highway. I also enjoyed the food! I really missed Max’s chicken and pancit.

The forum was divided into four events:

1. Zumba session from a fitness expert

  • Since they are promoting fitness, Philam Life hired a fitness expert to lead a 30-minute zumba session. (No need to pay for a gym session!)
Philam Life Financial Literacy

2. Testimonial from a client

  • Philam Life invited a client who talked about how Philam Life helped her in paying hospital bills when she got cancer.

3. Health talks from a doctor

  • The doctor talked about some health risks in the environment and shared some tips on how to live a healthier life.

4. Financial Literacy from a Philam Life director of agency

  • This is the highlight of the forum. It’s surprising how some people live their lives without thinking of their future. I also enjoyed listening about the success stories of people who invested at a young age and now enjoying their life.

Filipino millennials are supposed to take care of their family, their kids and at the same time their  parents, who weren’t able to prepare for their retirement.

In this forum, I realized how ill-prepaid most Filipinos are in providing for their needs and those of their loved ones due to lack of financial planning. Most Filipinos save money just enough to get them through the day. They don’t think about the college education of their children, sudden medial expenses, amortization, and a healthy retirement life.

In conclusion, Philam Life Financial Literacy provided some solutions on how to address these problems by making this monthly activity. If you want to learn more, you may contact:

Nene Jardiniano (Associate Agency Manager)

Unit Managers

  • Agnes Sese – 09175089296
  • Helen Pascual – 09173026995

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