KBS Experience Hall

KBS Experience Hall is definitely a place to visit if you are fond of Korean Dramas and reality TV programs. You’ll experience a lot here.

I didn’t have a hard time going to the venue of KBS Music Bank because I’ve been there two days before the show. I went to KBS ON (KBS Experience Hall).

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The KBS Experience Hall will show you the past, the present, and the future of broadcasting. They featured the main programs of KBS which includes drama, variety shows, documentary, and sports.

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Here’s a picture of my Mr. Buckwheat from Goblin, which is in TVN and not in KBS! LOL
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2 Days, 1 Night

My bachelor’s degree is Development Communication. I was exposed to radio broadcasting, news writing, visual media production, and popularization of technical materials for specific audience. Going to KBS Experience Hall made me reminisce about my college days.

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Radio Broadcasting

I’ve been a part of radio drama before but it’s my first time to experience cartoon dubbing! It’s fun because you have to read the script while watching the cartoons. After that, you’ll watch the cartoon with your voice in it!

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Cartoon Dubbing

The virtual studio is the most interesting part for me. I was able to be like Pyo Nari! (the weather forecaster in Jealousy Incarnate). The video will be uploaded in my YouTube channel – Travel with Karla)

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Weather Forecasting

The news reporting is the most challenging! I had to read the script in the monitor (which were written in Korean). I can read Korean but I can’t read fast. Anyway, it’s a fun experience not only for me but also to the kids who went there for a field trip.

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News Reporting

I really enjoy going to places where I can get experiences. Besides the activities I mentioned, there are other facilities in the KBS Experience Hall. They also have a museum where you can see some exhibits, pictures, and other old broadcasting equipment like cameras, microphones, and radios.

KBS On doesn’t have any admission fees!

To go there, you can take the Seoul subway line 9 and get off at National Assembly Station Exit 4. Cross the street, then follow the signs going to KBS On.
It’s open from 9:30 to 17:30 (Last admission 17:00).
Do not go there on holidays and first Monday of the month.


  1. Hallo Karla,
    Next Year punta me s Korea.
    Pwede matulungan mo ako, kc gusto marating un places n Goblin.
    Thank you.

  2. Hello, apparently, we will be going to Korea from October 1-9 which happens to be Chuseok Day. May we know if sa buong linggo na to sarado ang KBS On? If you happen to know? Thanks a lot.

  3. hi Ms. karla! really love your blog, nweiz do you know someone na pinoy or van for hire na pwede namin ma rent para maipasyal kami sa mga gusto naming puntahan? Mahal kasi mag taxi lagi tapos pag train and bus naman mahirap since may kasama kaming bata. Thanks!

  4. Ah, this really sounds like a cool experience! At first, I thought the cartoon dubbing would be the activity I’d most want to do, but I think the newscasting would be a lot of fun as well. I love interactive exhibits in museums, and the KBS experience hall sounds like it hits the nail on the head. Thanks for this addition to the list of things I need to do in Seoul 😉

    1. Hi Ms. Karla last sunday april 2 i was there in KBS station pero sa labas lang ako pumasok asko sa lobby kaso hangang dun lang the sa side ung kbs radio sation pwd pumasok dun?? San banda ung KBS hall? Na-amazed ako sayo ???????????? where do you here in korea? Pwede po kita i meet? Thank you ????

      1. They call it KBS On (KBS experience hall). Malapit lang siya sa KBS art hall.I live near Mia Station. Pwede naman meet ups haha. Btw, Im selling some pre loved coats na pang ootd baka interested ka. Check mo sa fb page ng travel with karla. ????

        1. Nakita ko po un ????.. di po kasya sakin hehehe mahilig kasi ako sa food you know????.. Gaano na po kayo katagal dito sa korea? Ako 9months na bukas april 6.. under po ako ng eps worker .. sana mameet po kita .. ???????? pa autograph po??.. i live in yeoncheon gun near in paju … try nio po punthan ung gamaksan ung wungye hanging bridge .. sa paju city..

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