KBS Experience Hall

I didn’t have a hard time going to the venue of KBS Music Bank because I’ve been there two days before the show. I went to KBS ON (KBS Experience Hall).

KBS Experience Hall.png

The KBS Experience Hall will show you the past, the present, and the future of broadcasting. They featured the main programs of KBS which includes drama, variety shows, documentary, and sports.

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Here’s a picture of my Mr. Buckwheat from Goblin, which is in TVN and not in KBS! LOL

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2 Days, 1 Night

My bachelor’s degree is Development Communication. I was exposed to radio broadcasting, news writing, visual media production, and popularization of technical materials for specific audience. Going to KBS Experience Hall made me reminisce about my college days.

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Radio Broadcasting

I’ve been a part of radio drama before but it’s my first time to experience cartoon dubbing! It’s fun because you have to read the script while watching the cartoons. After that, you’ll watch the cartoon with your voice in it!

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Cartoon Dubbing

The virtual studio is the most interesting part for me. I was able to be like Pyo Nari! (the weather forecaster in Jealousy Incarnate). The video will be uploaded in my YouTube channel – Travel with Karla)

KBS Experience Hall.png

Weather Forecasting

The news reporting is the most challenging! I had to read the script in the monitor (which were written in Korean). I can read Korean but I can’t read fast. Anyway, it’s a fun experience not only for me but also to the kids who went there for a field trip.

KBS Experience Hall (5)

News Reporting

I really enjoy going to places where I can get experiences. Besides the activities I mentioned, there are other facilities in the KBS Experience Hall. They also have a museum where you can see some exhibits, pictures, and other old broadcasting equipment like cameras, microphones, and radios.

KBS On doesn’t have any admission fees!

To go there, you can take the Seoul subway line 9 and get off at National Assembly Station Exit 4. Cross the street, then follow the signs going to KBS On. It’s very easy to find.
It’s open from 9:30 to 17:30 (Last admission 17:00).
It’s closed on holidays and first Monday of the month.