Secret of the Month

Traveling while having a period? No problem! I’ve decided to tell you a secret. This month I received a special box. It came from the first period subscription box from Korea shipping worldwide.

Secret of the Month.JPG

Secret Of the Month (SOM box) will give you a “Korean-style” experience every month. The box contains high quality Korean sanitary pads which will pamper you during your period.

It has three kinds:

  1. Guierang Oriental Herb scented sanitary pad
  2. Organic Bon 100% Organic Cotton sanitary pad
  3. Lilian Fluffy Baby Powder scented sanitary pad

They are offered in 6 different sets to cater the different flows: light, moderate, or heavy. It’s customized based on your preference. This period subscription box will save you from all the hassle of buying emergency sanitary pads. It will arrive on your doorstep every month.

On top of that, they also provide “secret” gifts from Korea and a complimentary sanitary pad pouch and heat patch. (I got a pair of earrings, a pair of socks, two hair rubbers, and a post card from Korea!) 

Check out the unboxing in my Facebook Page.


Travel bloggers rarely talk about their personal hygiene in their write ups. I often see wet tissues and hand sanitizer in their things to bring. I rarely see them talk about sanitary pads. This is essential to female travelers. We must keep ourselves healthy and maintain a proper hygiene.

Honestly, it’s my first time to hear about a period subscription box. I was thrilled to use it myself. As you can see, everything written in my blog posts are based on my experience. I only recommend a place, a food, or anything unless I try it.

This week, I tried using the Guierang Oriental Herb scented sanitary pad. I must say that I’m having an amazing experience so far. There are some things that I like about it:

  • Their medium size pad is longer than my usual pad. I don’t get any stains.
  • The sanitary pad smells like tea. I can’t even smell the blood. LOL.
  • The pouch really helped me conceal the sanitary pads. I can just leave it in my table.
  • The heat patch will really be your best friend when you’re having dysmenorrhea.


If you’re interested you can visit their website at
They also have an Instagram, and a Facebook Page.