Banana Tree

I guess I’ll be on of the first people who will write about this cafe, I mean this branch. My original plan was to visit the Banana Tree Cafe near Hangangjin Station. I walked around following the GPS but I couldn’t see it.

Little did I know, it was transferred to another place. It is now located near Ttukseom Station (Exit 8). Walk straight and turn left at the first alley. How did I know it? My Korean friend called the contact number she found online. Yes, we are that eager to go there. LOL. The owner said that it was only their third day there. Everything looks new!

Banana Tree (2).jpg

It didn’t disappoint us! We ordered Banana Flower Paap and Milk Caramel Somsom Latte. The flower paap costs 6,300 won, and the Milk Caramel Somsom latte costs 6,300 won. My friend and I decided to share, so they gave us two spoons that looks like a spade shovel.

Banana Tree (1).jpg

It’s been a while since I ate a cotton candy. It was more fun because it’s on top of my drink. The cupcake also tastes good. I enjoyed eating in a flower pot!


The coffee shop was quite small but it’s cozy. There’s only one employee when I went there. I think she’s the owner. The service is good. I asked for a menu with pictures but she said it isn’t available yet (since it has been open for only three days). However, she was kind enough to show me pictures from her phone so I can choose what to buy.

Their official website is written in Korean but you can translate it in your Google settings.


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