4.19 Revolution Memorial Hall

4.19 Revolution Memorial Hall is the Libingan ng mga Bayani version in Korea. It’s peaceful and really relaxing to visit.

Karla of Travel with Karla

I went here on the day Ferdinand Marcos was buried in Libingan ng mga Bayani. A dictator was buried in the cemetery dedicated to our national heroes. It was a black Friday.

4 19 Revolution Memorial Hall.jpg

The National Cemetery for 19th of April Revolution was created in memory of 224 people who passed away during the April 19th Revolution in 1960.

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Every tomb has flowers beside it. Some tombs even have a bouquet. Their relatives really make time to visit them. The heroes here must feel good because no dictator was buried beside them.

4 19 Revolution Memorial Hall-5.jpg
4.19 Revolution Memorial Hall

It is located at the foot of Bukhansan. To go there, you need to take the bus 104, 1119, or 1126.

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