Nami Island

Nami Island is my dream destination in Korea. It is the setting of the Endless Love – “Winter Sonata”. It’s a little bit far from my place in Seoul that’s why I had to wait for a holiday to schedule my visit there.

There are two options on how to go to the Island: zip wire and ferry boat. I and my friends are adventurous so we chose the first option. It’s the tallest and longest zip wire I’ve ever been. It costs 38,000 won including the ferry boat fare going out of the Island. We signed up immediately when we get there but there’s a lot of tourists so we need to wait for about an hour before going up. An hour is enough to have lunch in the restaurants nearby. 

That’s the view from the restaurant where we ate lunch. I think only one waitress knows how to speak English that’s why she just asked us what we want to eat and gave us options. 

“Bibimbap” is my default meal whenever I can’t decide what to eat. It’s a mixture of different vegetables with rice. This meal costs 7,000 won.

I took this picture while inside the elevator going up. I wasn’t able to take a video while in the zip wire. As much as I want to capture the moment, I also want to secure my phone and enjoy the ride without worrying about anything for 90 seconds. 
Oh and by the way, the zip wire has a weight limit of 45 kgs.

It’s my first winter ever so I was really excited to see a snowman. I also saw a Filipina snowman! In the Island, you can see many snowman wearing traditional clothes of different countries.

I found the famous Cholo and Jodie statue! I  also walked through the tree lane. Yes, I’m a fan. LOL. If you wanna see better tree lanes, you should visit during Autumn Season.

I checked the weather forecasts before going to the Island. I made sure that it will be snowing so I can feel the “Winter Sonata.” It was cold but I really enjoyed it. I even bought an ice cream! 🙂

Because it’s Korean New Year, you can post your wishes here. 

They also have igloos/ ice mazes every winter.

I’ll surely go back here with my special someone. 

How to go there: 

Take a train to Gapyeong Station
From Gapyeong Station, ride a tourist bus going to Nami Island.


Visa Fee and round trip fare:  8,000 won (foreigner)
Zip Wire: 38,000 won (includes entrance fee and ferry fare)

Update: I went back there. (still not with special someone LOL)

Spring Time at Nami Island

They have leaves now!!!
Not just green!
I enjoyed it even when it’s raining. LOL
Nami Island, you’re so pretty!


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