Seoul Grand Park

A day is not enough to explore the Seoul Grand Park. In case you’re wondering how big it is, here’s a map of the Seoul Grand Park. It took me three days to explore the top 3 spots in it: Seoul Land, Seoul Zoo, and Theme Garden.


Seoul Zoo

It was April when I decided to explore Seoul Grand Park. At first, I have no idea where I’m going. I was alone that time so I just decided to follow the crowd. I took the elephant train going to the Seoul Zoo. Well, it’s not my plan to visit the zoo but since most of the passengers went down, I decided to go down too.

The ticket costs 5,000 won. I think it’s a reasonable price for an entrance fee in a well kept zoo. The ambiance is so relaxing. Young and old couples holding hand, family having a picnic, a group of preschoolers having their field trip, and I was so alone. Kidding! I enjoy traveling alone.

Seoul Zoo 042516-78
The zoo makes an effort to make the animals feel that they are in their natural habitat. I felt that I’m just roaming around a forest with animals.
Seoul Zoo 042516-18.jpg
The signs in the zoo are foreigner-friendly. They also provide a map with different routes depending on your interest.
Seoul Zoo 042516-77
Besides the big animals, the zoo has a place called Insectarium where you can see different kinds of insects. Some are preserved, some are alive.

April is a good time to visit the Seoul Zoo. They have some Cherry Blossoms when I went there. They also have animal shows.

In my opinion, the animal shows in Everland are better.

Theme Garden

I tried to attend some flower festivals last May. Luckily, the Theme Garden also hosts an event called Rose Festival. This time, I’m with two Ahjummas (old ladies).

The entrance fee costs 2,000 won. It’s a very convenient trip because I’m with two grandmothers aged 65 and 79. Yes, the grandmothers in Korea have an active lifestyle. They enjoy walking in parks.

The theme garden has some arches with flowers on it. I makes you feel like your a princess.
20160530_135722 - Copy.jpg
Experience being surrounded with different kinds of roses.
These cute ahjummas had a hard time figuring out how to take my photo. HAHAHA!

Even though it’s really hot, I had a great time. They prepared some Korean food for our mini picnic. The view is relaxing. The garden is amazing I’ve seen some painters around.

May is the time when they celebrate rose festival. In other months, they have events like exotic plant exhibit, flower-rainbow garden, hands-on experiences with animals and plants, and Border collie sheepdog show.

Seoul Land

It was the 6th of June when I went to Seoul Land. June 6th is a holiday in Korea. When I say it’s a holiday, it means that the place is so crowded. My friend and I opted to choose few rides instead of waiting in line for an hour.

Besides the rides, we also enjoyed the establishments in Seoul Land. They make you feel that you’re in a different country.

Neither here nor there, Netherlands!

The theme parks definitely suitable for the whole family. They have rides for kids and for adults. They even provide a recommended route for family, couples, and friends.

The super extreme rides have shorter lines so I took the advantage.

They have a ride called Sky X. It’s like bungee jumping but you’ll be from the ground. Then they’ll slowly pull you up until you reach the top, and release you. Unfortunately, it was reserved when we went there. I think that would be the reason why I’ll go back there.

They have a place called Tilt house, a house filled with optical illusions.

Compared to Everland, the entrance fee in Seoul Land is cheaper. It only costs 30,000 won but because I have a coupon, I got it for only 15,000 won.

Where did I get the coupon?
Whenever I travel, I always checkout the leaflets in the information booths. When I see some coupons, I get them for future use.

I’m thinking of making an article for each of them but I hope I gave you an idea on the things you can do in Seoul Grand Park. If you have any questions, feel free to write it in the comment box.

UPDATE: I just made a more detailed blog post about my Seoul Land Experience.


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