K-Pop eXperience

This blog contains my K-Pop experience here in Korea. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing about them.

I’m writing this from a point of view of a person without a fandom. I don’t know much about these K-Pop stuff. I don’t even know their names. Well, I know some group names but I haven’t tried listening to their songs.

Why am I writing this?

  1. I want to teach some Korean words related to K-Pop.
  2. I want to show my K-Pop experience.

K-Pop Vocabulary

1. Sasaeng Fan
It means obsessed fans! They do extreme things to express their love for the idols. They even stalk them. Are you a sasaeng fan?

2. Maknae
It means the youngest in the group. So if you are the youngest in your family, you are the maknae! Which K-Pop Idol Group Maknae Are You?

3. Ulzzang
It means best face or good looking. I think this is the major reason why fans are obsessed. The more ulzzang the idol, the more fans they have. Here’s how to be an ulzzang.

4. Minnat
It means bare face. It’s like their version of “woke up like this”. When idols post a picture without makeup or any filters on, some fans go crazy over their minnat.

5. Dong-an
It means baby face. If your idol looks younger than their age, it means they are dong-an. Can you mention some idols who look young for their age? Please write it in the comment section.

K-Pop Experience

Every month, I make a theme for my travels. Last April, I went to Spring destinations. I searched for places with Cherry Blossoms. Last May, I went to Flower festivals. I went to a rose festival and rapeseed festival. In one of those festivals, I met a K-Pop fan. She asked me if I can go with her to see some K-Pop related stuff. Here’s my experience:

First, we went to SMTOWN in COEX Mall. The entrance of the building is filled with some EXO standees.

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Inside it, you’ll see more standees of other groups like Super Junior, Girls’ Generation, and others. (Well, I really don’t know their names. LOL) There are also photo booths, and K-Pop items in the building. I’m surprised that there are hair salons and studios where you can experience being a K-Pop idol.

Second stop is the JYP entertainment. Unlike the SM Town, there’s nothing to do here but to wait outside. LOL. I’ve seen some saesang fans here. At first, I was wondering why are they just sitting outside in spite of the heat. Suddenly, a car passed by and they all got excited and stood up. That time I realized that these fans are willing to for a long time just to have a glimpse of their idols.
JYP (travelwithkarla)

Last stop, Cube Cafe. It was supposed to be near JYP but they changed their address. We weren’t able to find it. HUHU. But just in case you want to see some idols, you can visit their cafes. Click here to check them out.

How to go to COEX Mall:

Take the Seoul Subway Line 2 (green) and get off at Samseong Station, then follow the signs for the COEX.

I’ve seen some shops where you can buy K-Pop merchandise. I’ll write about it next time. Don’t forget to follow my blog for more updates!


  1. Your blogged help me alot… para malibot ko ung seoul ????. Sulitin ko ung panahon na nandito ako and i hope na ma-meet kita in person.. thank you for sharing your travel experienced here in korea… ????? … for the last two weeks napagod na ko kakagala .. last sunday nagpunta ko ng gyeongbokgung palace next plan ko is gapyeong (nami, petite france and the garden of morning calm).. share lang ????

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